Experiments with Mercury

A bottle of mercury. Demonstrations of the properties of mercury. How to make lead float. Sorry about the example of bad safety precautions.


30 thoughts on “Experiments with Mercury

  1. How come lead is floating? lead is 82 while mercury is 80, was this heavy isotope of mercury or lite isotope of lead? or is it because of surface tension?

  2. @mkgecko the compounds are much more toxic than elemental mercury but that doesnt mean elemental mercury isnt very toxic. Im a chemist and we have done numerous LD 50 tests and mercury is lethally toxic to a part per billion level.

  3. @rhinogek I know this is an old comment, but that's not true. :/ I hate it when people like you stereotype the US. I'm not American or anything, but what you're saying is a dead opinion. Not a fact…

  4. Mercury is problematic. Even when you poor it, you get tiny drops all over the beaker and outside. It took me a long time to collect all the tiny drops. I did it outside just for the reason you get droplets.

  5. Surely, elemental Hg should always be handled wearing gloves. Anything else is complete and utter stupidity. I you have a sratch on your finger whilst handling it, it might get into the bloodstream.
    Don't be a fool and run a risk that high, when the precations needed are so minute and easy to overcome:)


  6. @mkgecko Yep, the average north american is pretty dumb. I'm up here researching and learning while others downstairs are watching garbage TV

  7. @DaveArgon
    Man, I could not agree with you more. Reading youtube comments actually scares me. Do they actually reflect the intelligence of the average native english speaker? Or, is it that only the stupid people dare comment while the more intelligent refrain? If I had kids I would be scared. I can imagine that soon most people will be, if not already so, incapable of reading classic literature.

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