Environment Projects – Ideas from Schools

Looking for ideas on environmental projects? Here they are. The winners of environment project competition. Enjoy 🙂

The Corporate And School Partnership (CASP) programme seeks shared ownership between the schools and industry partners on environmental management & sustainability.

It also aims to create awareness and participation on environmental issues and activities amongst students and their peers through the partnership efforts. All partnered schools are invited to showcase their projects with the industry partners at the Clean & Green Singapore (CGS) Schools’ Carnival.

Students and industry partners are encouraged to come up with more educational, innovative and entertaining projects. In conjunction with this, the Environment Project Competition is launched in 2008.



13 responses to “Environment Projects – Ideas from Schools”

  1. Shashi Singh Avatar

    I wish that India would have these types of students

  2. Ravi Zambare Avatar

    I like your boat dust cleaner

  3. YJ LAI Avatar

    Can I know the project detail about how to organize this type of project?


    Plz upload a video on managing shortage of water in urban areas

  5. daizy pathan Avatar

    Tnx for giving me your amazing ideas

  6. amar dev Avatar

    plz upload project related to sociology and environment

  7. Sonia Oberoi Avatar

    Your projects are amazing

  8. SaiKrishna KVMB Avatar

    Yo! nelrish24 u old?

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