Easy Nickel And Copper Electroplating Method

Simple, cheap, and reliable way to plate metals.
I used this method to plate the screens in my Edison Battery…
Check my page at: http://www.noonco.com/nickel/
For FAQs and less expensive alternatives.

Just in: I see that Amazon has Nickel Ammonium Sulfate for only $21 for 100 grams. The address I found was:


A lot of viewers have written to say that the MSDS lists nickel salts as carcinogenic, but I have not had a high degree on concern because I also see many other common items listed as similar carcinogenic risks. These include Diesel exhaust, gasoline, paint fumes, plastic glue, lighter fluid, lead and many others. So I believe with care, most of these can be handled safely. Please be cautious and respectful of any chemical. It’s not worth it to get hurt.
3 G’s: Goggles, gloves and good ventilation…

P.S. After many suggestions that I experiment with less expensive Nickel Sulfate, I’ve found a less expensive chemical combo that also makes a fantastic and shiny coat!
I have this up for you at www.noonco.com/nickel

Thought I’d pass it on.

P.S. For those interested in the Edison Battery, check out my pages at: http://www.noonco.com/edison/


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  1. I would like to make 10mm nickel plate the front surface will be full of small cube corner sections all surfaces of section soul be well polished, the bottom will be flat , no need polishing or surface finishing. I need info to make this .

  2. Have you tried to make Nickel Electrode in Battery Edison by this method?
    You don't need Nickel Ammonium Sulfate.
    I used battery electrolyte and it works very well (during tests). Tomorrow I will check exactly how nickel electroplating works.

  3. If I wanted to add a heater element and PID controller to maintain a constant solution temperature could I use a titanium heating element or would it react with the copper sulfate solution?

  4. I live in a marxist socialist shithole country were we're absolutely not ment to be creative or self sufficient. Where can I typically get hold of or how can I make those sulfates you're using ?

  5. Would this work for a toaster oven? Cleaned the panels they are steel. Would this work better then electroplating galvanization? Acids from food ruined the oven's original plating

  6. i've been trying to copper plate aluminum and failing miserably it keeps getting corroded,eats up the aluminum,and just wont stick. is aluminum a bad metal to try and plate?

  7. Considering you are only using readily available chemicals and not industry specific ones (I'm an electroplater by trade ) then I highly recommend you add Sodium Saccharin to the Nickel plating solution to make the finish brighter. Just use a small amount at first and then increase the amount until you reach the desired brightness.
     Don't over do it though because although you are making the finish brighter, adding Sodium Saccharin will also have a negative effect on the solutions throwing power into the low DC areas, ( ie the nooks and crannies).

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