Dry Ice Experiments Compilation! (Chemistry)

Attention! Some experiments shown in this video are dangerous! Do not repeat experiments shown in this video! Hello everyone. Today we will conduct experiments with dry ice, or a solid phase of carbon dioxide. At first, we can look at how dry ice actually looks like. In our laboratory, it’s stored in these small cylinders. Dry ice can be taken with bare hands as long as you don’t squeeze it as you can get frostbite (which isn’t good for you). The temperature of dry ice is -79 degrees Celsius and it’s nothing more than a solid state of carbon dioxide. At atmospheric pressure dry ice may be in a solid or gaseous state. To be in a liquid state it need to be in a strong pressure. Dry ice sublimates being exposed to air, i.e. changes state from solid to gaseous without going through the liquid phase. If you put dry ice in water, it will begin to sublimate faster, especially if the water is hot. Also in this reaction a beautiful mist is formed. If you add a liquid soap in the water, it will form beautiful bubbles which can be taken with hands. Bubbles are filled with the said mist, it looks pretty impressive. When the bubbles burst, the mist comes out. All this looks like magic. However, this is just a physical phenomenon. We decided to play around a bit and took a large beaker with very hot water and poured there a little bit of dry ice. Instantly the dry ice began to transform into gaseous state and formed a nice thick fog. Now let’s look at a dry ice reaction with magnesium. We took a ceramic grid, and put a few pieces of dry ice on its surface. Then, we put a bit of magnesium turnings in the center of the resulting structure. Once we have such a construction, we ignite the magnesium.
Quite a vigorous reaction occurs, at which magnesium reacts with carbon dioxide to form magnesium oxide and coal. If we shove dry ice into the flame of a gas burner it still won’t melt but will simply sublimate faster. Also, let’s consider a very interesting property of dry ice. If you put a piece of it on a metal surface, it will jump and rattle. Since the metal surface is warm, then dry ice sublimates very quickly on it and forms focuses of high pressure. Also, there is an interesting effect where dry ice starts to slide on the metal surface due to sublimation. This effect is a reminiscent of air hockey. Additionally, dry ice has a musical property. If a piece of it touches a metal object you get a sound.
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    Try all elements with dry ice

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    Only Russians can touch it.

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    2:40 Before Electric Lights, they had Acoustic Lights…

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    I'm guessing that making liquid CO2 requires pressurization?

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    Be sure to ventilate well, CO2 can be deadly.

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    yr dry ice kese bnti h

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    Very cool Experiments, I also invite to me: -DD

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    its so nice man.

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    are you skrillex?

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    i like the music with spoon lol

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    That's the only example I can find about sublimation is there any other example??????????????????

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    Why are all the smart people foreign

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    new band call dry ice

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    wow absolutely amazing. I am only a 5th grader and. we dont study chemistry yet. put its what I want to do for the rest of my life

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    Turn on captions at 0:29 lol

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    So you are lil' wayne's music composer? The end sounds just like rap ;I

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    fuck the low quality background effect, the experiment was great though

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    what is this liquid which you poured the ice to

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    A great composer of dry ice melodies! HAHAHAHA Funny experiments!

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    Can't go wrong with dry ice! 😀

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    I love experimebts with dry ice!

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    А почему на русском языке видео так часто не выходят?

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