Don’t Try This at Home – 3 – Sulfuric Acid and Sugar

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20 responses to “Don’t Try This at Home – 3 – Sulfuric Acid and Sugar”

  1. Duerig Christian Avatar

    Your Periodic Table of the Elements is not up to date. Since the 8th November element 113 is Nihonium; element 115 is Moscovium; element 117 is Tennessine and element 118 is Oganesson.
    Your Table is so old, it lists the names only up to element 109 Meitnerium. What about Darmstadium, Roentgenium, Copernicium, Flerovium and Livermorium ?
    You only tell very old stories ! Update your videos ! (Never mind !)

  2. rahdar2008 Avatar

    it looks like poop of a person, which has been stored in body for days and especially poop of spinach

  3. Bad Mommy Avatar

    Kim Kardashian wld like that….that is hilarious because i wld never guess that coming outta this guy's mouth!!

  4. solarsynapse Avatar

    What is in the fumes? Oh, steam (water). So can the carbon then be used in other mixtures like gun powder?

  5. Ossama Shishani Avatar

    I heard from my teacher that sulfuric acid is to be contained in glass bottles because it can melt other stuff easily

  6. April Pounds Avatar

    Cool experiments, but he's killing me with the "go ahead". He sounds like the boss from the movie "Office Space".

  7. arun vibgyor Avatar

    Sugar cubes + sulphuric acid= Giant Pile of Shit

  8. Aryan Gera Avatar

    where is the next episode

  9. Alex Govea Avatar

    OMG look at his hand at 8:43 !

  10. Zephyr Avatar

    4:26, is that how those snake fireworks are made?

  11. Mark Attila Avatar

    You should be much more assertive about the dangers of concentrated sulfuric acid. It can cause severe burns and WILL EASILY LEAVE YOU BLIND if it gets in your eyes! I can already see some dumb kids messing with this and thinking this is funny. Also you should include instructions on what to do in case of an accident.

  12. jay dogg Avatar

    dumb person fag

  13. Joe Brann Avatar

    my boys will love this

  14. TheVendeurDeTourEiffel78 Avatar

    Sometimes the same reaction is coming from my ass ..

  15. Katrina Rocketman Avatar

    5:566:06 Sound like me when I have coffee.

  16. Justin Best Avatar

    7:10 good you made a huge pile of shit

  17. Louis Suguitan Avatar

    How does it taste?

  18. Eric Salscheider Avatar

    y arent u using crucible tongs with something that gets that hot?

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