Don’t Repeat Crazy Experiments at home #shorts

Get ready to discover the magical world of science experiments. To prevent you from trying these at home, we did it for you. Today you’re going to discover how things work in the world of science and how materials react with each other in chemistry.

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23 responses to “Don’t Repeat Crazy Experiments at home #shorts”

  1. Fran Martz Avatar

    Those experiments are awesome. I have never seen any of those before.

  2. cheroo singh Avatar

    Then why are. U showing it

  3. Liv Vuong Avatar

    Okay for the first one. Where did the pink color come from.

  4. berbagi nagih Avatar

    Imagine that toilet has poop

  5. dum dum Avatar

    Channel name should be five minute trash not five minute craft

  6. BrooklynP. Art Ent. Avatar

    How to do the grape ice thing?

  7. Sampath Sampath. Avatar

    The water is so cool

  8. Sofía Solis Avatar

    @Peterdelag as el verdad o mentira

  9. William Rueckert - SRM Student Avatar

    First be after Taco Bell and the bottle one is your bladder after Taco Bell

  10. Nandar Nugraha Avatar

    ini kaya gimana yah

  11. Grey Avatar

    Danganrompa girls on their period:

  12. Kristopher Thompson Avatar

    Just why would mess up your clean bathroom

  13. Ayezakhan Ayezakhan Avatar

    Aap log sach bol rahe ho aap log sach ke log paida hue

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