DENSITY TOWER Easy Kids Science Experiments

An easy science experiment for kids of all ages which demonstrating the layering of liquids with different densities!
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Easy Kids Science Experiments Six Layer Density Tower

Add the following to your glass in order. Use a funnel or the back of a spoon to help you slowly pour in each layer.
1. Syrup (the most dense out of our 6 liquids)
2. Milk
3. Dish Soap
4. Water (colored with food coloring)
5. Vegetable Oil
6. Rubbing alcohol (colored with food coloring) (The least dense out of our 6 liquids)



46 responses to “DENSITY TOWER Easy Kids Science Experiments”

  1. You Know It's Josh Avatar

    Same my whole class watched it

  2. Aniya D Avatar

    can i use honey,then syrup?

  3. Ly Jacky NHIAYI Avatar

    after doing this we have kept our project in a small water bottle… weeks later the milk inside the water bottle started to rot, so little clumps of rotten milk had went up on the surface.

  4. Nathan Smith Avatar

    so cool but i did it and it it faild

  5. Amy Kaufman Avatar

    At school we watched this super cool!

  6. yousef1409 Avatar

    that's a very good experiment I will try to make it

  7. Acid Potatoe Avatar

    Wouldn't the density of water change because you added the food coloring

  8. Stefanie Jones Avatar

    great experiment!!!! I'm going to try it with my classes:)

  9. priest0231 Avatar

    what will happened if i try to stir?

  10. Fantasy Ganging Avatar

    Small Amount of Syrup

    Cues the Small Amount of Wine Video

  11. nikolas walsh Avatar

    Honey would work I think

  12. nikolas walsh Avatar

    It's a really good video

  13. Jakyri T.V. Avatar

    The new 100 layer challenge

  14. Copacetic Avatar

    It's a shame you can't drink it.

  15. Cherry Ann Castro Avatar

    what kind of milk did you use?

  16. Shena Lumamba Avatar

    Is it okay to use Honey instead of Syrup?

  17. Sydney Michele Avatar

    I needed this for my project thx!

  18. Matt William Ma Avatar

    are you standin in this video?

  19. Nandini Sree Avatar

    good info.Thanks for clear explaination.Here is an interesting Density of solids app i found how to measure
    Density of various solids using liquids, In addition it has a quiz at the end to make your learning exciting. here is the link

  20. Channel G-Rated Avatar

    Great demonstration and density layer tower. Take a quiz on density, at:

  21. DeadShot _101 Avatar

    That's cool. Thanks for show me


    I really like how it has all the different layers and how they stay separated.  Riley age 7

  23. Anas Anchu Avatar


  24. Dane_ Rules Avatar

    Hey Is the syrup Pancake Syrup

  25. alyssa larson Avatar

    my teacher used this video to show me in class for my science fair project and I needed to see the ingredients to make it so thanks for making this video

  26. Bella Reyes Avatar

    Can it be any kind of oil?

  27. Adrian White Avatar

    Hes going to be a good presenter when hes older

  28. XxNimbusxX Avatar

    Yo Ill You This Trick On A Science Demonstration On Foundation Week

  29. Shihana Muzni Avatar

    mine the rubbing alcohol and the oil gets mixed

  30. Ariana Martinez Avatar

    in mine I put the syrup milk soap then the water gets mixed

  31. Slamdunk1020 Djinaj Avatar

    we did this project in science class we didnt watch a vid

  32. Redfoxx Videos Avatar

    thanks you are gonna save me

  33. Alexis Perez Avatar

    thanks like the video esay to do at home

  34. lacey and janae Avatar

    what will happen if you stir it

  35. Je'nya Lee Avatar

    your the best I'll make sure to use Ur vids when I have a science project

  36. Je'nya Lee Avatar

    thx so much almost got a zero I'm so proud on mine thx so much thx

  37. Jasmine Che-Wu Chang Avatar

    Wow! That's awesome, you really figured out which liquid won't mix with another! I love it!

  38. Lilly Isaacs Avatar

    thx so much but how did you learn it before me im twelve and in 7th grade

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