DENSITY TOWER Easy Kids Science Experiments

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An easy science experiment for kids of all ages which demonstrating the layering of liquids with different densities!
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Easy Kids Science Experiments Six Layer Density Tower

Add the following to your glass in order. Use a funnel or the back of a spoon to help you slowly pour in each layer.
1. Syrup (the most dense out of our 6 liquids)
2. Milk
3. Dish Soap
4. Water (colored with food coloring)
5. Vegetable Oil
6. Rubbing alcohol (colored with food coloring) (The least dense out of our 6 liquids)


46 thought on “DENSITY TOWER Easy Kids Science Experiments”

  1. after doing this we have kept our project in a small water bottle… weeks later the milk inside the water bottle started to rot, so little clumps of rotten milk had went up on the surface.

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