COVID-19 Germs Experiment for Kids!

As schools are closing and some parents are working from home more than they regularly do, you may find your family spending more time together than before.

Here’s a fun experiment to do with your kids to explain the importance of washing our hands during the Coronavirus pandemic.

What you’ll need:
o Pepper (which acts as the germs)
o Bowl of water (which acts as surface of our skin on our hands)
o Soap

Step 1:
o Shake pepper on top of the water. Give it a good coat! These are the germs that are on the surface of our skin.

Step 2:
o Have your child stick one fingertip directly into the bowl of water with pepper or “germs” on it.
o You’ll see the germs stick all over your hand when you don’t wash your hands!

Step 3:
o Rub a clean fingertip in soap. Make sure it is coated well.

Step 4:
o Stick the finger with the soap on it into the “germy” water and watch the germs spread out across the water! This is because the soap breaks down the virus!


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