Coolest Dry Ice Experiments You'll Ever See

Dry ice has a wide range of exciting uses from colourful explosions to DIY ice cream. Its extremely cold temperature makes it one of the coolest materials science has discovered.
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  1. BE AMAZED: "Number 9, Bubble Bobble."
    Me: "Hey, that is an awesome game, but how are we going to use dry ice to make bubbles break other bubbles, let alone launch into other bubbles in the first place?"

  2. You know, if I do recall correctly, Avalanche, The Shocker, and Quake in Marvel Comics make seismic powers that act in a ring/ripple-like fashion from their hands. The dry ice rings kind of mimic their powers a bit, as they all can use their powers in a similar fashion, albeit without the ice, water, nitrogen, and cold issues, but, rather, through seismic shock waves and the air in their cases.

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