Cool Science Experiments for Kids | Melting metal in 5 seconds !!!

Autism Boy does Science Experiments!
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Cool science experiment to DISSOLVE ALUMINUM FOIL !! Did you know that your household clog remover actually contains a lot of sodium hydrogen. Watch and see what happens when you add water and aluminum foil.

If you plan to test it out, gloves, googles, a mask, lab coat and adult supervision is MANDATORY. Also read the safety precautions on your clog remover label.

Things you need: clog remover, water, aluminum foil, glass dish, and mixing stick.
Add water to the clog remover, then add small pieces of aluminum foil.
Don’t inhale the toxins and don’t let anything touch your skin because it is corrosive.
What it dissolve

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49 thoughts on “Cool Science Experiments for Kids | Melting metal in 5 seconds !!!

  1. You contradict yourself when saying "kids do not try this at home" with your title. Secondly. Where's your own adult supervision? Why do this if you already are implying that it's "not for kids"? Typical children wanting to seem mature and grown up.

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