Colorful Chemistry of Acids and Bases

Test the acidity of household products using something you can find in the supermarket: red cabbage.

Want to try this experiment, but can’t find red cabbage? Find a whole list of acid/base indicators here:

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36 responses to “Colorful Chemistry of Acids and Bases”

  1. Mil0 D0bz Avatar

    what happens if you deep your fingers into the glass of acid or is just made up acid to use it to make it where we watch this for learning

  2. Bahadur Bisht Avatar

    You know what we are asked to do a science experiment and when I saw your video I was like woah!!!

  3. Letago Ramoshaba Avatar

    Anyone here from Brainline

  4. Ali Hadi Avatar

    who is watching this only because of school

  5. Hailey Brobbel Avatar

    Hey, can I try this with regular green cabbage??….

  6. Lil Yummy Avatar

    My teacher sent my whole class this video because we are learning about acids bases and neutrals

  7. Julian Romney Avatar

    Kids of 2020:The quality…….

  8. Rαγ Avatar

    who else watching this during quarentine for school.

  9. Vamsi N Avatar

    Tell me some more indicators

  10. Mikhayn Alexius Chaluangco Avatar

    this would be a great science project

  11. Aaron Musson Avatar

    If it hasn't been said before: Please dispose of the bleach test separately from the other solutions. Dispose in a sink, flush with excess water, wait a while, then flush with more water before disposing of the other solutions. Bleach and other household chemicals can make dangerous gases when combined. It's unlikely the concentrations will be high enough to be an issue, but waste a few gallons of water just to be on the safe side.

  12. Amber Smoot Avatar

    This is perfect for my intro lesson for Acids and Bases! You even do the experiment from the book, so that was very helpful! Thank you!

  13. Diego Garcia Avatar

    My professor told me to watch this video and I noticed you look like a flinstone :3

  14. Brooke Huntley Avatar

    At first I thought u just put the into the cups

  15. Nandan Contractor Avatar

    which is the indicator??????????????????????????????????????????

  16. Ellen Afoa Avatar

    what no way hes lieing

  17. Eze Roseline Akuoma Avatar

    Am a Nigeria, I love ur teachings
    I had being seeing ur hands and face in ur @Tyler Dewitt videos but I saw the full u
    Don't mind me

  18. kavindi perera Avatar

    great video, I like it, keep it up

  19. Cristina Domingo Avatar

    This is really informative! Thank you!

  20. CHLOE Avatar

    Tyler DeWitt!! omo

  21. Jacob Sawatzky Avatar

    I was enjoying the video until he said i would need an adult with me to use a stove, then i realized what the target audience was and felt like a dumbass

  22. 33goldengirl Avatar

    Tyler, we love you! You make science fun! : ) Thank you so much! : )

  23. Victoria Tucker Avatar

    I’m looking for ideas for a final group project. Any ideas?

  24. Pilar villamora Avatar

    i got perfect in chemistry

  25. MrRawr2013 Avatar


  26. Lennon Richardson Avatar

    Are all indicators neutral?

  27. 蕙梨HC Avatar

    I love u
    Your videos helped me so much last year!
    U made me love chemistry❤️❤️

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