Chemistry experiment 22 – Elephant's toothpaste (scaled up)

Adding a solution of potassium iodide to a concentrated solution of hydrogen peroxide causes the hydrogen peroxide to break down into water and oxygen gas. Oxygen gas and soap produce a large amount of foam.

– Concentrated hydrogen peroxide is very corrosive.



9 responses to “Chemistry experiment 22 – Elephant's toothpaste (scaled up)”

  1. sky high Avatar

    मज़ा आ गया

  2. Mine Rine Avatar

    See elephant toothpaste 0:59

  3. Patience Bolling Avatar

    the slow mo guys should do this on their channel.

  4. César Acebes Avatar

    Lo voy a hacer en el laboratorio xD

  5. Sarvesh Ghoriwala Avatar

    can potassium permengenate by used instead of potassium iodide

  6. Xenath Cytrin Avatar

    Walk into the club like 1:00

  7. BeepBeepBoi-o Avatar

    1:01 before eating in mcdonalds 1:02 after eating in mcdonalds 😀

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