Chemical Bouillon Reactions – Best Experiments Compilation 2014 – 2017

Video made by Quartz Magasine about chemicalbouillon work . A chemistry experiments compilation. the best chemical bouillon Reactions !

Chemical Bouillon is an artistic project studying the graphic aspect of chemical reactions. The goal is to find and isolate natural patterns by mixing every strange product we can lay our hands on. This results in a colorful mess that will sometimes turn into an amazing abstract video we’re happy to share.

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Made in Paris, France by :
Antoine Delach,
Valere Amirault,

Quartz Magasine
The extraordinary abstract art of Chemical Bouillon

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5 responses to “Chemical Bouillon Reactions – Best Experiments Compilation 2014 – 2017”

  1. la tipa :3 Avatar

    Wow que genial :0

  2. I WILL REIGN Avatar

    Bruh this ain't chemistry. It's alchemy.

  3. hawker2626 Avatar

    Really nice, made me think about this increbible lights effects: 😉

  4. Grayson Petrichor Avatar

    Good work!!! Best I've seen in a while!

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