Can Science Explain the Origin of Life?

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Darwin’s theory of biological evolution helps us understand how simple life forms can give rise to complex lifeforms, but how did the first reproducing creatures come about? The origin of life needs its own explanation.

Scientists don’t currently have a complete explanation for life’s origins, but different labs around the globe are looking into the idea that life may have emerged from chemistry. In this animation you will learn why they are studying this idea, and you’ll get to see a few of the fascinating things they have discovered.

Here are some links for further learning (organized by topic):


Here David Deamer gives a wonderful overview of our current understanding of the origin of life. This hour long lecture is presented in clear language for all to follow:


News article on the self assembly of gene-like columns:

Video series on the self assembly of primitive cell membranes:

Video interview with chemist Jack Szostak. In it he goes over his work on self-assembling membranes and genes.

Scientific journal exploring molecules with self-assembly properties. (You need a subscription to the journal to get past the abstract)


Video on John Sutherland’s production of RNA nucleotides


David Attenborough explores the lives of early organisms found in the fossil record. This video explores the evolution of early organisms but does not go over the origin of the first living things.


This research explores a primitive metabolic pathway which could have easily formed through chemical evolution on the ancient earth (you need a subscription to the journal to get past the abstract)

Websites for further learning:

This Interactive website outlines many of the discoveries made by life origin researchers.

This website explains the research goals and findings of the Center for Chemical Evolution at Georgia Tech:

In this animation I drew the meteorite sugars incorrectly. See this paper for accurate molecular diagrams of the sugars and sugar derivatives found in meteorites:



21 responses to “Can Science Explain the Origin of Life?”

  1. Robert Roberts Avatar

    I haven’t watched the video yet but we can’t even explain the origin of a single cell or bacteria

  2. Big Red DOg Avatar

    Really? Vital force? 200 years later and there is still nothing clearly postulated.
    Replicators and polymer chemistry is a century old.
    Thee are statistical & thermodynamic limits.
    Whoever produced it is simple minded or just lying about what is known.

  3. jzonkel Avatar

    The truth does not require your belief. It IS the truth. It's out there.
    All we have is observations and reactions.
    What you should know, dear "atheist", dear "christian", whatever you like to call your self,
    No one has this thing figured out. (Thing – this reality)
    The Bible is not reality, it is a book. (Which has been edited throughout time, albeit the inherent message persists)
    Science is not reality, it is a study of patterns.
    Reality is your experiences, and whatever else is out there.
    The word of Jesus Christ is given by God.
    But God is not who/what you think he is/might be.
    Your mind has a hidden world inside of it. It is not just your immediately apparent thoughts, feelings and memories.
    And there is a hidden world that we all share, of energy our biological sensors do not see.
    There are VERY strange things looking us in the face. Things which do not line up with the logic of our current way of material investigation.
    Many of us have been ignorant.
    I think we will start seeing soon.
    Keep an open mind.
    A TRULY open mind.
    We know very little about this world.
    I love you.

  4. Alicia Vassell Avatar

    Can science explain that God is real?

  5. Christopher Johnson Avatar

    Of all the methods known to mankind, scientific methods are the most reliable, and if the origin of life is to ever be explained, science is most likely what will do so.

  6. sk-kh Avatar

    We are from space. Who are alian? We was. The smallest alien spieces that time.

  7. Thallisson Sousa Avatar

    Very good. Thanks researchers!

  8. wardy Avatar

    Life has to have come from an Eternal life. Chemicals are dead.

  9. Trevor Avatar

    So why tf yall believe in god

  10. shahanavas s Avatar

    Some comments below the video tells me how fools conceive scientific facts…

  11. Jeffrey Lam Avatar

    You don’t finish life until, you either pick a mansion or the other one sell ur kids. Sell houses. And get ur cards counted.

  12. bob niblitt Avatar

    Considering the relevant scientists can't even agree whether the RNA world hypothesis is valid or not, then no, not at the current time.

  13. kenneth bransford Avatar

    " Combined To form highly complex and orderly structures" is an impossibility. 3:14 video. No way, no how that order is achieved out of chaos. Evolution = Self Assembling Atoms = Impossible.

  14. Israel Anderson Avatar

    Evolution is the modern-day creation myth of methodological materialism.
    I'm not a Creationist, nor a Christian, nor religious.

  15. Cyver Doll Avatar

    So…. life is a chemical reaction occurring over & over??

  16. micah hook Avatar

    "The feet inside our shoes"?

  17. Aaron Slifka Avatar

    Life exclusively comes from life not inanimate matter all by itself. Life didn't come from the ground. My couch is made of inanimate matter but it didn't make itself.

  18. Vaibhav M Avatar

    What are the fucking chances…….i still cant believe we are unintended "byproducts" of random activities of universe.

  19. Gitana Maldita Avatar

    Recently I saw some papers about stromatolites on Shelley Craton, AU.

    After a while, I have a theory about crystals being pre-organic compounds.
    When we take DMT or psylocibin, we see fractal shapes and self-assembled inorganic forms (what psychonauts call Machine Elves). Maybe we have records in our genetic ancestry that remembers where we come from.
    Some studies shows that fungi were the first organic terrestrial forms. They are not plants, not animals, but something between.

    Just curious about it 🙂

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