Can Light be Black? Mind-Blowing Dark Light Experiments!

In this video I test if light can be black. I show you several experiments that show you cases of light that is black and then I talk about what color actually is and why mixing pain and light give you the same but different results!

This video is for entertainment purposes only. If you use the information from this video for your own projects then you assume complete responsibility for the results.

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38 responses to “Can Light be Black? Mind-Blowing Dark Light Experiments!”

  1. cody butt Avatar

    So why isn’t black paint white in a lightless room? Not trying to troll genuinely curious would love a reply.

  2. Sofia Starostenko Avatar

    what’s the projector??

  3. Negative One Avatar

    Why don't you mix blue red and green paint in the super black room you created?

  4. Hanzo Hasashi Avatar

    The fact that color isn’t a physical property and it’s all in our heads means the world is possibly black, white and grays.

  5. ANTHONY Avatar

    I remember that dress. It's still black n blue haha

  6. KUNNRA AKYHU Avatar

    yea a black light lol

  7. Florian Dijkhuizen Avatar

    Color blind ppl are the real ones

  8. Prasasti Avatar

    Fun fact : Darkness actually does not exist. It's a common term so that we can easily say a condition called lack of light. We can measure light, but not darkness.
    Same goes with cold, which is actually lack of heat. We measure the heat, not the cold.

  9. The Fab Aj Avatar

    So scientifically, racism is just an illusion.

  10. Scott Alderman Avatar

    This video and a crock of shit look exactly alike.

  11. Debyani Bhattacharjee Avatar

    Everyone else: wow so white and black are the same colour
    Me: there's a black fly on white wall

  12. Grant Wall Avatar

    It’s blue and black if u see white and gold ur actually crazy

  13. Brian Machado Avatar

    I don’t think this guy proved anything he just seems confused. He is just playing with contrast and brightness and his conclusion is not logical. If light of the frequencies red, green and blue combine to make white what is the frequency of “Black” light (not to be confused with the common name for ultra-violet)? There is NO frequency which produces black light because by definition black is the absence of light. He is just using very poor examples to illustrate human visual perception under conditions of extreme contrast and brightness. Big Fail.

  14. Insane Yogurt Avatar

    Back absorbs light so

  15. bobqat Avatar

    Sir, the OLED display would like a word with you… ;^}

  16. Ganymede Avatar

    This is why I cant see my phone outside, the bright ass sun make my damn phone light black!!

  17. Jessica Clark Avatar

    So black and white are the same color. Racism is solved! Here’s a Pepsi.

  18. Anime 3ditz Avatar

    A but ago I saw the blue and black dress ass white and gold

  19. Star Dolphin Avatar

    This gives my teachers 'Light is only as light as the dark next to it' quote a whole new meaning

  20. Daniel Martin Avatar


    Listen to this with your race in mind… makes you think.

  21. Irvin Cruz Avatar

    Hold up hold up I saw the same dress on tik tok a couple mins ago and it was yellow and black tf

  22. Lynxzy Avatar

    I only wear white…or very very light black.

  23. Joshua Mawuli Avatar

    Yami maho
    Yami matoi

  24. Dis guy Avatar

    Just use nitre and make an endothermic firepit, not as good as a flashlight but hey, it can cool you down

  25. ANIRUDH G V Avatar

    Even I have the same doubt about the mixing of lights and paint combination and now that's cleared

  26. Perez Inc Avatar

    Confusing at first but cool

  27. Kronaz Music Avatar

    yeah it's called a blacklight

  28. Brody Michalski Avatar

    I can see both colors of the dresses

  29. Abijith m Jolly Avatar

    does mixed paint would be white if i put on darkest paint surface

  30. whydou3v3ntry2r34dth1s Avatar

    it does not work when we see it on camera because camera adjusts it by itself since you can still see it goig black if you cover the background with your hand. so it only works with a camera that cannot focus or only real life

  31. Sameer Avatar

    Black people are just different shade of white. All lives matter now XD

  32. Kr r Avatar

    i dont know why someone needs to watch this like why dude tf

  33. Gamer In A Van Avatar

    The dress is blue and black.

  34. Adesh Benipal Avatar

    Enough of racism with light

  35. Avar Nyx Avatar

    Then what is grey?
    Almost white?
    Whitish black?
    Blackish white?

  36. xyz Oopsie Avatar

    could you please take mixture of these paints in the black room you painted and show us if it glows white

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