Burning magnesium in dry ice

Declan Fleming shows you how to prepare and demonstrate burning magnesium in solid carbon dioxide (dry ice). This dramatic and beautiful demonstration shows that oxygen isn’t always a prerequisite for fire and reveals carbon’s place in the reactivity series.

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49 responses to “Burning magnesium in dry ice”

  1. Carpe Diem Arts Avatar

    So the point of this was…
    There's more cold in a block of dry ice than heat in a spoonful of burning magnesium?

  2. craftynumber2 Avatar

    Upload date caught me for a sec

  3. Paul Jackson Avatar

    You'd think that he'd show or mention the chemical equation for the reaction.

  4. Kalle Klæp Avatar

    Now throw some water on it..

  5. 1776 Infowars Avatar

    Didn’t even penetrate it. Horrible experiment

  6. SuperTornadoGun Avatar

    Crazy thing is this is a type of thermite reaction

  7. 박해킹 Avatar

    CO2: You gonna be franked bro.
    Mg: Nope.

  8. Ahpioxxx Avatar

    For some time i thought dry ice will transform into gas

  9. SqookyBoy Avatar

    Loki left the tesseract again

  10. Brent Tutana Avatar

    “Lost in space” anyone??

  11. Blake Siefken Avatar

    Lost in Space anyone?

  12. Eric Houston Avatar

    Is there a reason why you did not explain the reaction, i.e. oxidation, and exactly where the oxygen came from? ARGH!

  13. Danbobski Avatar

    Is that how Sauron created the one ring?

  14. Pete Wilson Avatar

    WRONG AGAIN. It's the oxygen being rippid away to firm magnesium oxide, leaving the carbon behind as a dark soot on it.

  15. Jimmy Walker Avatar

    You put the lid on backwards

  16. vn33 Avatar

    Congrats, you made the tesseract.

  17. shadia ali Avatar

    Does cold air comes out of the dry ice while it's in the process of burning ?

  18. Kostie Saba Avatar

    Cold Fusion! Bahahahahaha

  19. Jan Wilson Avatar

    declan is fyneee

  20. James Sempy Avatar

    HI there ….  that may be used as a flash bulb  …..

  21. dittybur Avatar

    i want to put dry ice in my butt

  22. Victor Galarza Avatar

    "shouldn't be transported in a car" tell that to companies like Volkswagen where the engine block is made out of magnesium lol

  23. Matthew Ferrie Avatar

    Does the reaction for magnesium carbide or magnesium carbonate?

  24. Ronny Ronswanson Avatar

    can you not put annotations on the part i'm trying to watch …..

  25. Dimension7 Avatar

    I don't know why but hearing that saw cut thru that ice makes me cringe! I get chills running up and down my spine. I don't like it!

  26. Broockle Avatar

    I was actually hoping the dry ice would start burning. I heard that hot Magnesium will form Magnesium oxide by stealing Oxygen from the CO2 bond. So the CO2 would be ignitable in that way.
    Does that not happen at all?

  27. Tim Lewis Avatar

    Well the magnesium would snatch the oxygen from the CO2, similar to the way the thermite reaction snatches oxygen from iron oxide to give to aluminium.

  28. Muzik Bike Avatar

    Now what would happen if you lit magnesium ribbon under sand? Since silicon is an analogue of carbon I'd assume something fairly similar would happen

  29. Yiu Yeung Kan Avatar

    Basically, the reaction was: Mg(hot)+CO2(frozen) => Mg(hot)+O2+C=>O2Mg+C, right?

  30. iddqds Avatar

    where do you get dry ice, where do you get magnesium, where do you get liquid nitrogen? guys if i ask one of these things they would hand me to police for terrorism 🙂

  31. FLYINGTANKS Avatar


  32. Mpegial Avatar

    looks more like light kinda cool too

  33. BeardedScienceGuy Avatar

    This video shows the science behind magnesium and carbon dioxide reaction.


  34. baileyboy125 Avatar

    Thats a nice lab.

  35. MadFlays Avatar

    @xisumavoid is that you? Sounds like you

  36. Google Account Avatar

    This guy taught me chemistry! LOLHe is really awkward irl 😛

  37. Hana Omer Avatar

    Where is Jessie Pinkman ? 

  38. DAVID 1124 Avatar

    Hey I have dry ice

  39. Potato Avatar

    you have the same name as me

  40. A Pulpasaur Avatar

    And thats how tesseract are born

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