Bending the light – physics experiment
This is an interesting experiment to show the total internal reflection. We get the total reflection if the light enters to an optical less dense material and the incidence angle is big enough. The incidence angle at which the ray refracts exactly along the boundary line, is called the boundary angle of the total reflection. With the total reflection we can lead the light along the curved ways, as optic fibres or water jets. This is physics experiment for science project.
Zanimiv poskus za prikaz popolnega odboja. Do popolnega odboja pride, če svetloba vstopa v optično redkejšo snov in če je vpadni kot dovolj velik. Vpadni kot, pri katerem se žarek lomi ravno vzdolž meje, se imenuje mejni kot popolnega odboja. S popolnim odbojem lahko svetlobo vodimo po zakrivljenih poteh, npr. po optičnih vlaknih ali vodnem curku.


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  1. here simply the water coming in in a shape of pipe acts as a fibre optic cable as water has higher refractive index than air an the phenomenon of total internal reflection takes place

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