Baking Soda and Vinegar Science Experiments YOU can do at HOME!

Join WOW Scientists Jen and Kylie in the WOW Lab to create EXPLOSIONS while experimenting with some simple, DIY chemical reactions!
Did you know that a CHEMICAL REACTION is a process where one substance changes into one or more different substances, or products?! In these experiments, we are combining a LIQUID *acid* with a SOLID *base* to create several different chemicals, one being carbon dioxide, which is a GAS!!!💨
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To create these explosions at home you will ALWAYS need:
-Parent or guardian permission AND supervision! 🛑✅
-Eye protection! 😎

Since we’ve included several experiments in this video you may not need all of the items below. Please refer to video for experiment instructions!

Additional items needed for EXPLOSIONS:
-Safe outdoor area
-Vinegar (distilled white vinegar works the best!)
-Baking soda
-Tray or baking sheet to place under containers
-Measuring cups & spoons
-Kleenex, toilet paper or other tissue paper
-Plastic containers & cups (with and without lids)
-Ziploc or seal-able plastic bags
-Dawn dish soap (adding this to any of the experiments is safe, and will create more bubbles!)
-Plastic water or juice bottle with pop-top lid
-Film canister or other small, plastic container with a lid that pops off easily

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  1. My grade level has had "W.O.W. on Wheels" come to our school site for science explorations with our 2nd graders many times. The kids always LOVE it! With our district closing for the remainder of the school year, I love that students can access the world of "WOW" from their home!

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