Awesome experiments compilation (NOVEMBER 2017)

Meet our new compilation of unbelievable chemistry experiments: stunning balloon in liquid nitrogen, magical colored flame, epic dragon’s egg, mysterious fluorescent flower, shocking gummy bear volcano, chemical reaction vs. glass test tube, incredible smoky splash, and wonderful glowing tornado!

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43 responses to “Awesome experiments compilation (NOVEMBER 2017)”


    Glowing tornado was da best!

  2. mina Avatar

    Don't study chemistry in School, so your life will have a lot of magic

  3. David Coman Avatar

    Broo the song its from friv…

  4. Otaku X Hunter Avatar

    How does color flame? Cosplayer needs know

  5. SAVAGE -777- Avatar

    Let's post experiments but not tell the people how they work or what you need

  6. hiシ Avatar


  7. Timere Avatar

    They stole the music from coolmathgames motoX3M

  8. ArmyGuy14 Avatar

    I do Mel science it is so fun

  9. Aarush Tube Avatar

    Colored flame by using elements like barium , strontium , etc
    Ballon compressing – Gas compresses (loses volume) when the temp decreases.

  10. Owen W Avatar

    Who else know this tune from moto x3

  11. call of duty god Dr pepper Avatar

    Why are you using moto x song

  12. Monster6494 ! Avatar

    That song is from cool math game the bike game

  13. Cece Leigh Avatar

    Ok I know I'm not a good at science but I really wanna try this!!

  14. GeckoBoi Gaming Avatar

    Reply to this comment and you know what Moto X3M is. You know what I’m talking about.

  15. Not Me Avatar

    "Yeah, science bitch!"

    -Jesse Pinkman

  16. Pineapple Avatar

    Coolmath music? Is that you?

  17. Oana smm2 Avatar

    This is the moto xtreme music

  18. Spooky blossom Avatar

    I wanna eat the coloured fire

  19. Mr. 89Chevy Avatar

    If my class experiments was like this, I would actually enjoy being there.

  20. Jake } Ultima Avatar

    The glowing tornado made by the legendary neon kraken XD

  21. Elite Gaming Avatar

    Coolest video I have ever seen

  22. Trisha R Mendoza Avatar

    how sience.bro this is chemistry(๑ơ ₃ ơ)♥(๑ơ ₃ ơ)♥

  23. Dustin Avatar

    Anyone else realize its moto x3m misic

  24. Osama D'oein Avatar

    these aren't experiments, these are the results

  25. Jinxy Y Avatar

    I have Mel chem very fun

  26. Lazy Pro YT Avatar

    Wow discovered a Good channel

  27. tooFuntoGame Avatar

    This almost looked like a advertisement

  28. Tokakey Avatar

    Hater will say it's reverse

  29. - RMZ - Avatar

    Hey! That's the Moto X3M song!

  30. Lil Zif Avatar

    If y’all are still in school and/or play cool math games this is the music from the game Moto x3m

  31. Ria and Nate Avatar

    The dragon egg he stole that from minecraft

  32. Chris H Avatar

    Too bad they never actually send you the kits. I should have received three kits by now, they've sent me one and they never answer my emails or phone calls. This company is a fraudulent scam.

  33. ꧁ᴍᴏᴏɴ꧂ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Avatar

    System: The blue flame is officially in Minecraft now

  34. Erika Mahlafore Avatar

    Yoyooo lair video

  35. human tribe of human Avatar

    Is this the music from Moto x3m

  36. Tahlia Bibbens Avatar

    I'm liking that fire candle in the cyan

  37. apb 134 Avatar

    Is this the moto x3m music

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