Amazing Science Experiments That You Can Do At Home Cool Science Experiments (Top 10)

Amazing Science Experiments That You Can Do At Home Cool Science Experiments. Welcome To HooplakidzLab where science is fun. Today we are here with some of the coolest science experiments you and your little one can try at home.



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  1. zemirah-li Rouse counter Avatar

    zemirah-li JoJo does
    I love you so many that in
    my life is about you

  2. Sumbul Khursheed Avatar

    Hoopla kids lab I would like to tell you about the running pepper experiment
    It was SOOO cool I tired and it was awesome!!!
    Btw I'm 8 and I love your brilliant ideas!

  3. Kaylee Dykes Avatar

    can you use cooking oil

  4. Enrique Perez Avatar

    amazing , thank you ..

  5. Rafael Delrio Avatar

    U didn't say to put vinegar in the bottle

  6. sophya castillo Avatar

    Um?? u spelled "colored" wrong

  7. Raju Khural Avatar

    Awesome tricks …i will try these

  8. patel bhavesh Avatar


  9. Rohithambika Nandamuri Avatar

    Which oil is the best for raining blood

  10. Mala Venkatesh Avatar

    its nice very good

  11. Tatiana Spencer Avatar

    Thank you! Really enjoying your channel. We have some questions:
    – Thinking about CO2 and it can come out of our lungs, be created from baking soda and vinegar, and used as part of photosynthesis….any information about that?
    – What happens to the air in the bottle?
    – We thought about adding other things like food colouring or flour to the

  12. Pranav Kashyap Avatar

    Nice ones I am looking to do them thank you

  13. Edson Oliveira Avatar

    my family thought it was cool and i did it with green


    Please make a face reveal

  15. yui rio Avatar

    nice I subscribed

  16. Manny Agustin Avatar


  17. Adoredbyothers Avatar

    Okay already on the first one and even though it's obvious you sure as he'll didn't tell anyone to put the vinegar into the bottle -_-

  18. Kyle Gamer546 Avatar

    My dad and mom is happy

  19. RobbinsGT Avatar

    the first experiment

  20. RobbinsGT Avatar

    i have do that when i was 8 years old i use that for my school presentation

  21. Brijesh Yadav Avatar

    am a watched the experiments

  22. Brijesh Yadav Avatar

    hey please send all your personal numbers

  23. Eva Asheela Avatar

    Wow!!!! My family really enjoyed these experiments!!1

  24. Manisha Rajgaria Avatar

    for what is alta alzelta used

  25. DHIVYESH GS Avatar

    popsticle f*cks

  26. Emilis Emilis Avatar

    Can somebady translate what is alka seltzer in lithuania?

  27. Nutan Dani Avatar

    science is my favorite subject

  28. Alex University for Kids Avatar

    I was blind, but now I see 🙂 More videos please :)

  29. Mohamed Rafi Avatar

    maaku adi appudoooo telusu meeru chappakkarla!!

  30. Brianna Coore Avatar

    they loved th lava lamp and I made on me for every body in my house for thair rooms

  31. Mohammed Rehman Avatar

    What is a blu Thacker?

  32. Hotaru Ichimaru Avatar

    what he said: how to pierce a potato
    what i heard: how to piss a potato

  33. Shiva Praveen Avatar


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