AMAZING SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS that you can do at your home with everyday items! Hope you enjoy these life hacks and DROP a LIKE and SUBSCRIBE!

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24 responses to “AMAZING SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS AT HOME (Life Hacks)”

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    i followed you on twitter salty

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    salty… how do you tweet on twitter???? damn

  3. Zodiac Cancer Avatar

    If you want kids to be allowed to watch stop swearing

  4. Madalynn TheGamer Avatar

    why ya gotta be so salty

  5. Gabrial Kruse Avatar

    you should make a flame thrower out of litter and lysa

  6. Colin Ray Avatar

    get a new lightinger

  7. Ailin Lojo Avatar

    You are a awesome savage

  8. Electro Avatar

    he never got 35k likes I like = salty gets hope

  9. Justins_ Reviews Avatar

    Love ur vids bru u get ur plague soon!

  10. spelchule playz Avatar

    squidy will you plz bless my rubber band?

  11. Maria Sanchez Avatar

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  12. Games Animations and More / Joey Dabr Avatar

    Fire lifehack looks lit but too scared XD

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    Salt squid bless my rubber band

  14. deadline bodydropper Avatar

    you not lazy you just in joy doing nothing

  15. Sam Jay Avatar

    You show the stupidest ones ever

  16. Hairy Tadpole Avatar

    I know the fire one but these were cool

  17. Nicholas Sciarabba Avatar

    Salt Squid Will U Bless my rubber band

  18. CoatedSparrow Avatar

    Salt squid, will you bless my rubber band??

  19. marygrace benitez Avatar

    salty kane you show your bools

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