Amazing Experiments Ep. 1 Solid, liquids and gas

State of matter experiments for primary school age children, told by kids.

Help us caption & translate this video!



11 responses to “Amazing Experiments Ep. 1 Solid, liquids and gas”

  1. anis saleh Avatar

    hi to maek todo it

  2. [GB] Banana Avatar

    Hello! I can’t hear you very well. But I will try to understand. Thank you for the help though!

  3. Danika Zaidi Avatar

    Amazing thanks for helping me now I can use one of your experiments in class because in year 7 you have to prove you remember your solids liquids and gases

  4. william zheng Avatar

    lame but no offence

  5. Meri Pera Avatar

    Thanks, future scientists for sharing your experiments.

  6. PinnacleStudioPro Avatar

    These girls are so cute!!! I'm sure this video will keep people engaged as it helps them learn. Awesome content. Keep working on your production quality (light, sound, camera settings) and your subscribers and views will grow. Wonderful work. 🙂

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