Amazing Experiment Actually Makes Black Fire! The Shadow Fire Experiment

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In this video I show you an amazing experiment where I actually make black fire! I show you how normally fire does not have a shadow since it is a source of light. Then I show you what happens when you shine a low pressure sodium vapor lamp on the fire. You still get no shadow, but something amazing happens when you put salt water on the fire! What how to make black fire!

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39 responses to “Amazing Experiment Actually Makes Black Fire! The Shadow Fire Experiment”

  1. The Action Lab Avatar

    This was the most amazing thing I have ever seen! It made me want to travel around and show all of you in person. Everyone must experience black fire in person! It literally seems like you are part of a movie special effect. I've got to think of a way to incorporate this into my Subscription Box so you can see this in person!

  2. Kaleb Joyce Avatar


  3. Jobs Jonathan Avatar

    it's human dark souls!it's been crused!

  4. Kate Berger Avatar

    Wait so… fire is like… a LIGHT SHADOW?

  5. Colliniers Avatar

    Action lab:…BLACK…..FIRE
    Everybody: Nani

  6. Stuxnet Avatar

    Hey, turn off the lamp, I wanna see how this "black" fire looks without the lamp

  7. Lemon juice Avatar

    Amaterasu means??

  8. Dox Odd Avatar

    I'm sure you are doing this safely but hold crap did I keep thinking you were gonna knock over the sodium lamp…
    Mmm sodium gas.

  9. Mr. Pickles Avatar

    Why is there so many animeshnikov

  10. Vedant Tyagi Avatar


  11. Gangstar 4 Avatar

    how to make green fire

  12. Nappu Mohamed Avatar

    The science behind Amaterasu bois

  13. Yongle96 Avatar

    oh my gaaad, t's dowdally black!

  14. Yongle96 Avatar

    02:12 "every few inches or so".. pity: the video sounded like enjoyable and scientific till that point : S

  15. Shaggy Rogers Avatar

    You've exposed my weakest ability.

  16. Migueliti R.N.G Avatar

    Legend says this fire is hotter than the sun!

  17. Migueliti R.N.G Avatar


  18. Shadow Gawd Avatar

    Tbh when i was 7 years old i always wanted to know how in naruto episodes they do the black flames aka Ameratsu, thx a lot bro u solved my mystery on how to do ameratsu ;3

  19. Ace Frederick Gremory Avatar

    is that Amaterasu or black flame of rimuru?

  20. Pablete Sans Avatar

    You dont need to show me how to do it i have mangekyo

  21. Gokul Gokul Avatar

    U r not a member of our clan …how could u possess amaterasu..what kind of sharingan u possess

  22. Physics Lover Avatar

    I am confused whether the light and fire posses their own mass?

  23. Draaaven Avatar

    5k dislikes? Why??

  24. Farhan Pavel Avatar

    It's great, in a sense of thought provoking. Ionized or Charged Particles are what composed the Jinn- the Invisible Entities.

  25. 0bliviousN1nja Avatar


    :O i dont know what fire is yet?

  26. Pb Multiverse Avatar

    This is the most powerful type of fire cause it can say the n-word

  27. AfluffyPunda Avatar

    This proved itachi is alive.

  28. marcus newell Avatar

    What is it with all the anime references why cant we just enjoy the science behind this

  29. trayboy214 Avatar


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