Alcohol + Potassium permanganate = Explosive reaction!

Please note that this video was made solely for demonstration purposes! Do not attempt to repeat the experiments shown in this video!
So, in this episode, I’ll show you an amazing reaction between Ethanol and Potassium Permanganate. For this reaction, we need Ethyl alcohol (C2H5OH), concentrated Sulfuric Acid (H2SO4) and Potassium Permanganate (KMnO4).
Firstly, let’s put some potassium permanganate into our evaporation bowl and add several sulfuric acid drops. After a while, strong oxidizer Manganese oxide (VII) is formed from potassium permanganate. Let’s take a droplet of manganese oxide and drip an ethanol droplet on it. At contact of alcohol with manganese oxide, alcohol instantly ignites.
Let’s do the same in this evaporation bowl. The reaction is very rough and sometimes is accompanied by an explosion. This is what happens: manganese oxide decays into manganese dioxide, and alcohol burns down forming a small amount of ethanal (CH3CHO).
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39 responses to “Alcohol + Potassium permanganate = Explosive reaction!”

  1. P Mann Avatar

    can this be used as an hyperbolic fuel?

  2. F. I. Avatar

    Cat is missing.

  3. Nikolaii2571 Avatar

    "Look daddy, a mushroom cloud" !!

  4. darius sims Avatar

    Wea can i get sum

  5. Dina Ahmed Avatar

    why is potassium permenganate violet although magnesium is half filled?

  6. Shivomsharms Sharma Avatar

    laal daba kaha melage

  7. Konstantin Avatar

    fuck you. I saw that fucking title and I instantly hyped. I literally have both alcohol and potassium permanganate. but then you had to add in that hard to fucking get sulfuric acid. Fuck you.

  8. Gaboon The Derp Avatar

    Can I use rubbing alcohol cuz Ethenol is WAY to expensive so can I use rubbing alcohol?

  9. jack gallego Avatar

    what temperature does this reaction burn at?
    Fahrenheit and Celsius

  10. Waqar Ahmad Avatar

    Will HCL and KMNO4 combination give the same result as with sufuric acid ??
    And will every alcohol give the same result or just the ethyl alcohol???

  11. Reece Myatt Avatar

    The manganese heptoxide looked like nitrogen triiodide

  12. Jesus Loves U Avatar

    Please tell me how the red prosperous will burn or ignite itself with the power of chemical which mean which chemical we can use to ignite the match stick from the distance of 1 or 2 inches? without rubbing the match stick how i will ignite fire to match stick from the distance of 1 inch please tell me this is mail id

  13. George Toro Avatar

    Mini nuke for ants

  14. Dota Guru Avatar

    If we were to do this at school…

  15. Mexi Chemia Avatar

    Ir also happens with bleach and ozone water

  16. rationalguy Avatar

    As a youth, I used to do things like this. I fortunately survived, and with all my fingers and both eyes!

  17. Holly Medici Avatar

    would you do a demo of the reaction between nitromethane and powdered sodium hydroxide

  18. P S d the dictator For bad boys Avatar

    sir i have east India company bond plate but how to get chainge auto fire bond give me details of chemical please

  19. S Mohammad Hussain Avatar

    double decomposition reaction

  20. Florida Maquis Avatar

    looks like something that you should fill empty 2 chambered paintballs with….( for fun of course )

  21. Commander Maltix Avatar

    nice i gonna build 2 seperate chambers with 1 liter each and bomb my school up thx

  22. Graham Daw Avatar

    The cat at the end of video …….Quantum Theory ? ha..ha.

  23. Ruben O'Connor Avatar

    That pipette is done for

  24. Mohammed Faizal Avatar

    i like this reaction

  25. stevie ray Avatar

    you talk like borat

  26. Olga Lacroix Avatar

    You look like Rick Astley

  27. jimmy ton Avatar

    Wtf that intro?

  28. isum kurunayakage Avatar

    patassium paŕrmanganate

  29. FullOilBarrel Avatar

    kids in Africa could have eaten that potassium permanganate

  30. Keshawn White Avatar

    who else for scared when the fire just busted out on the fear experiment

  31. Prashant Patil Avatar

    Could you please also show the reaction (chemical formula reaction) for Potassium Permagnate and H2so4?

  32. epicsilverprince Avatar

    Would this work with MnO2 extracted from zinc carbon battery's?

  33. iosef 333 Avatar

    Thanks for teach me how to make a extremly powerful bomb! 😀 Now i need to know how to get concentrated sulfuric acid. :v

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