Addiction and the Rat Park experiments

This is the pilot episode in our new series on public health. In this video we present a summary of the Rat Park experiments that took place in the 1970’s and the cause of addiction.

This video was produced by with these lovely people:

Script: Solongo Jargalsaikhan
Storyboard: Pascal Gaggelli
Art: Tappy Nolipping
Voice: Matt Abbott
Editing: Ake Sompol

It was produced with the consent of Johann Hari, the author of the book “Chasing The Scream: The First and Last Days of the War on Drugs”. Please checkout the book’s website here:

Also Checkout Stuart McMillen’s comic strip here:

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40 thoughts on “Addiction and the Rat Park experiments

  1. what do you then? youtube, facebook, twitter make people addicted to being "social" – but in reality they are working for facebook as add generators and are getting paid in dopamine rewards. complete 100% of your profile and you get a medal.. ie complete your profile so we can serve you adds you are more likely to buy.
    this is why you can upload your family photos for free – the strategy of drug dealers is also "first one is for free". facebook is a satanic cult from hell. i hope that piece of shit company crashes and burns

  2. Love this video, and especilly the Illustrations.I would have wished for more diversity in terms off skin colours, body shapes, disabilities, gender roles etc. All the Love to you!

  3. Its not as easy for people to just change the inviorment as it is for rats sadly, you need to worry about expenses and other nesisities before even thinking about getting to your "rat park" so people don't stop using

  4. What about clinically depressed people or mentally ill people they should be punished as well for turning to drugs i.e. Agoraphobics, social anxiety, PTSD and the list could go on. Maybe you need to think of new ways to help with the war on drugs it's very obvious that the methods being used aren't working. Definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different outcome. Wow, sounds like the decision makers in this country, repeatedly making the same choices yet hoping the results might be different.

  5. I knew those rats personally and observed the experiments. I can vouch for the validity of the reported results.I was not aware of any attempted repeats. Please do elucidate Vlad Svoka.

  6. Would anyone mention that "Rat Park" experiment doesn't lead to consistent results, and several attempts to reproduce it led to opposite conclusions?
    P.S. Video is very nicely done.

  7. Folks, only parts of the nervous system of rats is similar to humans. Wild Rats are social creatures, but if you are in their community and you come back sick or injured they are likely to eat you (Not altruistic like humans), they don't have logical reason, and outside of the laboratory-rats do not have any history of addiction to chemicals.
    Portugal does not have an Chemical Addiction level lower than other similar countries, they have a high unemployment rate, so where did all these jobs come from for the miracle recovering addicts and Note: any time you make criminal activity legal the crime rate will drop.

    Dr. Alexander is right, if one improves social skills and opportunity for addicts, their recovery rates will sky-rocket but getting them past that drug affected thinking process to accept a loving pro-social world is a problem.

    Caring groups do help that's why AA and NA have high success rates and Group Therapy works best for addicts. Addiction in humans is harder to correct than being a loving friend.

    I work with Drug Court clients who are still on their own, not in jail or isolated, but even in the intact, loving, fully functioning family home these addicts have about a 50 – 50 chance of relapse to chemical use.

    Oh and by the way, this experiment is not scientifically valid and there is no matching studies.

  8. I always knew that I was an addict not because of genetics. I truly believe it's a learned behaviour not a disease. My nephew has a disease of which he has no choice. I have a choice. Thanks for the vid.

  9. If this video is based of off chasing the scream ( I listened to the whole thing, found your video afterwards) can you provide any sources or studies that verify the claims made in the book? Maybe you did your own research into the subject as well? I was thoroughly shocked and convinced by the book but recently found out that the author does not take fact checking seriously, and has made assertions which were completely fabricated for effect in the recent past (maybe his book as well).

  10. Stands to reason, if you are surrounded by loving and caring people you have more chance to survive addiction.  There are many reasons why people don't have a support network, not always of their doing, we must remember that before we judge.

  11. Very impressive and an eye opener. Thank you for sharing. Declaring anything as illegal gives certain people and institutions tremendous power, influence and of course the opportunity to earn lots of illicit money.

    It requires leaders with vision and commitment than a politician to let go this lever of power over people and resources. Thankfully more and more people are emerging that will make a positive difference.

    The example of Portugal is there for all to see

  12. Why doesn't this channel have more subscribers?! The artists in every video bring a different style that lends itself to the story very well. Keep up the education and don't fall pray to interjecting politics into it unless you show both sides. Be the fair news we need!

  13. As a mental health professional I agree with this paradigm. In addition it also supports Bob Trask who has with great insight is able to identity how our decision making habits contribute to increased anxiety that feeds avoidance behaviors. Google ARAS + Trask Three years ago I determined that Resilience is our ability to maintain secure thoughts in the face of a crisis over fearful thoughts. If our outer environment is rude, crude, and indifferent enough, those fearful thoughts can be very different to avoid.

  14. Great educational video– simple, explanatory, engaging, and to the points. Perhaps you could share this with educational programs. As someone mentioned below, PBS or NPR may be a good start.

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