A Halloween Chemistry Experiment You Can Do at Home

This video describes how to complete a chemical reaction that involves an orange to black color change. The experiment can be done using materials easily obtained in stores. The reaction is strikingly similar to the Old Nassau Reaction, but does not require the use of mercury reagents. A full explanation of how to carry out the experiment, and also the chemistry involved is included.
0:12 – 2:24: How to set up the experiment.
2:24 – end: Explanation of the chemistry behind the experiment.



6 responses to “A Halloween Chemistry Experiment You Can Do at Home”

  1. waterrocketsrule Avatar

    Or I could just put the five cups in one then add a few drops of fruit fresh?

  2. waterrocketsrule Avatar

    I have 2 questions I understand the reaction but what is the vinegar used for ? How do I increase the amount for a bigger display?

  3. waterrocketsrule Avatar

    WOW that is a very cool and simple chem trick !!!! thank you!!

  4. waterrocketsrule Avatar

    Hi Tom I went an bought every thing I need to do this cool Chemistry trick !! I hope it works as good as you show it. Thank you again. Dan

  5. waterrocketsrule Avatar

    can I use cornstarch ?

  6. waterrocketsrule Avatar

    !!!!!! Thank you thats Awesome !!!!!!

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