9 AMAZING ICE experiments you must see (4k)

Watch these 9 amazing ice tricks now as well as a hot ice tutorial.

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23 responses to “9 AMAZING ICE experiments you must see (4k)”

  1. Go Experimental Avatar

    Let me know which is your favorite experiment and if you' ed like a part two?

    Hot ice 0:12
    Ice in oil density demo 2:28
    Ice fishing 3:07
    Ice boiling water 3:59
    Instant ice 5:01
    Ice melting due to conductivity demo 7:15
    Ice cutting (copper wire through ice block demo) 8:18

  2. Saad Brijiah Avatar

    so this is were single people hangout after 12 am

  3. Asia’s World Avatar

    Is anyone gonna talk about is he going to get his hand out.

  4. Ƿynnťari Avatar

    8:47 – this is only possible when it's freezing cold, so the ice freezes back after melting.
    Where I live the whole ice would melt way faster than the wire could make any progress.

  5. Ƿynnťari Avatar

    it makes me so uncomfortable when you fill a recipient with water all the way to the very top

  6. Jackie JOESTAR Avatar

    Hey one question….

  7. Comical Avatar

    RIP right hand

  8. Silvano Pajic Avatar

    1:34 samsung flat screen be like

  9. Stephen Kun Avatar

    Without information I will thought this as a magic

  10. Obviously Ambiguous Avatar

    Sorry you lost me at metric

  11. Pratham Shah Avatar

    5:19 did u freeze it or just let it cool down to near 0

  12. SHADOW RIPPER Avatar

    2021 uhh really thats so old

  13. notfiveo Avatar

    I would hate it if the glass “sold” me.

  14. Nathanael Matanga Avatar

    8:10 ''I tried to scream but was underwater''

  15. GREY E CAT Avatar

    Glass can scold you!
    It can also scald you if hot…

  16. alona hailar Avatar

    Why is it called "instant?" If it takes to long ??..

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