8 minutes of joy with Chemistry experiments

00:01 Mammoth toothpaste
00:59 Burning Magnesium
01:43 The Bleeding Heart
02:48 Dehydration of Sugar
03:41 Fire Extinguish/Reignition
04:44 Experimenting with Gallium
06:16 Chemical Bar
07:38 Bicolor Hidden Message

The second part of our Chemistry Experiments Exhibition, shot mainly during the last day of lessons. Our team, mostly freshmen, demonstrates new experiments in front of their excited classmates. Enjoy the video!

Το δεύτερο μέρος των πειραμάτων μας Χημείας που έγιναν κατά την τελευταία ημέρα των μαθημάτων. Η ανανεωμένη, φετινή ομάδα εκτελεί νέα πειράματα μπροστά στους ενθουσιασμένους μαθητές της Α Λυκείου. Απολαύστε το βιντεο!

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37 responses to “8 minutes of joy with Chemistry experiments”

  1. яαω вяαιη ғαят Avatar

    In our school we focus on more mathematical side of chemicals sooo boring wish we could use the hundreds of dollars worth of equipment that's just sitting in display ugh

  2. Vertebrate Ali Avatar

    for the fire extinguisher at 3:52, why did she add potassium iodide to the hydrogren peroxide? is it to cause the release of O2? the KI wasnt illustrated in the equation given so that confused me

  3. my world Avatar

    These all happen when i was cooking in my kitchen

  4. samira tasnim Avatar

    in my school there is no H2O….

  5. vicky pawar production Avatar

    Chemistry is my favourite subject

  6. Titser Alma Avatar

    Thank you for the video. Illbe uploading also some Science experiment videos in my channel for my Science class. Can you help me spread the news of liking and subscribing to my channel? Thank you

  7. Saiprasad D Avatar

    Hi, I like your video. Its very interesting. I am also a chemistry student. I have resolved my doubts about the chemistry arising in my subjects by Mr.Ram sir's class. Now I get good marks in chemistry. If anyone interested in knowing, you can resolve your doubts by clicking the link below. http://chemistryonlinetutor.com/

  8. Breaking two Avatar

    Funny and educational
    Thank you

  9. George Reynolds Avatar

    A big "No!" at 2:20. Never eat or drink anything in a lab, there can be dust or splashes of things you do not want to ingest. Worse, you might pick up the wrong bottle while distracted!

  10. Jason Licos Avatar

    Most of this experiments are done in many classes

  11. benjamin ben-zvi Avatar

    I love these! And I will definitely be doing them in my lab section 😀 Thanks! can you tell me the concentrations for the solutions you used for the chemical bar and also the approximate volume of each solution/ingredient used in the elephant toothpaste?

  12. ΠΑΟΚ _ εισαι_πρεζα Avatar

    Ποσο αγαπα τη δουλεια του ο ανθρωπος!! Γελαει σα μικρο παιδι σε αντιδρασεις που χει κανει ισως και χιλιαδεα φορες..Ευγε

  13. chemanywhere Avatar

    How come the guy doing experiment has no lab clothes?

  14. Rattan Lal Avatar

    Where are these experiments practised?

  15. Killy Calypso Avatar

    Who else thought of fnaf when the song came on just me ok

  16. Anish Avatar

    What is the first one

  17. Phuong Giang Dang Avatar

    I kinda like the first one :>

  18. Jez Avatar

    I dont know what that means

  19. REDDY ABHINAY Avatar

    Is that the iron is rusted

  20. Eunae Kim Avatar

    If this video had existed when my sister was in middle school, I think she would have watched it over and over again, because she was obsessed with doing the science fair!

  21. Jojo T Avatar

    but wat kind of witchcraft is this?

  22. vehement Aficionado Avatar

    My school teaches us about living organism and the Earth's crust at Grade 10, how educating.

  23. Jayakanthan Mani Avatar

    What mean a kl solution

  24. Ελενη Κακαλιδη Avatar

    Ela re den hksera oti htan ellhnes mexri pou akousa '' ela ela oraia entksh '' 4:38

  25. Rhen Avatar

    When i can't even relate to the things they are saying

  26. better build India Avatar

    just amazing chemistry is not a subject I think it's fun

  27. Ghost _96 Avatar

    I'm not gonna lie thats cool

  28. gloomyNeko 0w0 Avatar

    Οκ αλλά κάνουν πειράματα και σε ελληνικά σχολεία; Αχά. Όχι στο δικό μου πάντως.

  29. Mike Wilson Avatar

    Ok why couldn’t you just say what the shit was made of instead of theese numbers… speak English!!

  30. typhaine sharon Avatar

    I would like to go for a Chemistry SUMMER CAMP

  31. Eunae Kim Avatar

    Regarding the sugar dehydration experiment, would the same thing happen if you were to use starch rather than sugar?

  32. khushYash thakur Avatar

    Some buddy please tell me the reason that why in chemical bar experiment all the solutions become colourless in nitric acid….

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