8 Easy Rocket Experiments Compilation

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37 responses to “8 Easy Rocket Experiments Compilation”

  1. Rob P. Avatar

    What was the last thing?

  2. jose Diaz Avatar

    What do you use for the coca cola shooting

  3. LeoDahVee Avatar

    Is this the Russian Space Program?

  4. mackymax 04 Avatar

    R u a vetaren or scientist
    Btw luv your vids

  5. Jonathan Brugge Avatar

    waste of coke… Its way too good to drink.

  6. Guts Avatar

    Russian military icbm test. raw footage 1989 colorized

  7. jonne Stormista Avatar

    Russian "Rocket Experiments": sets teabag on fire.

  8. Random stuff with Michael Avatar

    I love how you can tell his friend filming is just thinking «ой, дебил»

  9. Nedas Bagdonas Avatar

    1.45 run for your life

  10. masta gamer Avatar

    This is the footage of soviet that tried to make rocket

  11. mchipitt Avatar

    Is this guy Putin?

  12. Roshan Suryawanshi Avatar

    best video ever seen bro……nice and cool one

  13. Anggi Ths Avatar

    Ada lambang PKI di logi crazy russian hacker

  14. Harambe The Gorilla Avatar

    "look how hard it is"

  15. Ayush Meruliya Avatar

    That last slo mo…was epic

  16. Dj. C$havarLhazítóh Avatar

    what if north korea find this

  17. Marvin Hammond Avatar

    It's raining coke hallelujah

  18. Phantom ZerO Avatar

    Russia is bombing Korea

  19. Carol Baird Avatar

    So much mess to clean up. Hahaha!!!!


    I downloaded ur many vedio ssssssssssss I love u sirrr

  21. blewyd Avatar

    What was he doing at 0:53? Looks like something was bothering him. Lol

  22. The Dêvïl Avatar

    Hi taras awesome video

  23. As iz rukava Avatar

    maybe you should glue that tablets to a cap of a film canister

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