8 Easy and Amazing Science Experiments in 2 Minutes

#Tinker with everything! Listed in order of appearance, here’s how to do each experiment and the science behind each one.

Dry Ice Bubble: http://blog.stemscouts.org/tinker-dry-ice-bubble-experiment/
Non-Newtonian Liquid: http://blog.stemscouts.org/tinker-non-newtonian-fluid-experiment/
Water Density: http://blog.stemscouts.org/tinker-water-density-experiment/
Instant Ice: http://blog.stemscouts.org/tinker-instant-ice-experiment/
Rocking Candle: http://blog.stemscouts.org/rocking-candle-experiment/
Leak-Proof Bag: http://blog.stemscouts.org/leak-proof-bag/
Color Changing Milk: http://blog.stemscouts.org/tinker-milk/
Homemade Lava Lamp: http://blog.stemscouts.org/tinker-funky-homemade-lava-lamp-experiment/







22 responses to “8 Easy and Amazing Science Experiments in 2 Minutes”


    very nice experiments

  2. DANDU RAMESH Avatar

    Sir can u explain me the 4 experiment

  3. Sanjay Meshram Avatar

    But I don't understand what the things you was use

  4. Elavarasan S Avatar

    very difficult please your channel easy tips

  5. 6025-Kayande Arjun Avatar

    sir pls do explain ur experiments

  6. Jess With Her Mess Avatar

    hello… i am a school girl and i wanted to thank you for making this video it really helped me with my science project i'm doing at my school 🙂

  7. Zahraa Mhanna Avatar

    The first experiment I love it but the final material I do not understand it you can tell me please

  8. javed Bagwan Avatar

    Sir aap na last na experiment mai con see goll dill

  9. Katheryne Pierce Avatar

    Its interesting. But please do specify the materials used.

  10. faisal sohail Avatar

    Hi sir .. i like your first experiment it was pretty intresting but it was too fast so i cant understand so you can tell me what you have done and what was the expriment please. …

  11. Samuel Slanwa Avatar

    the one about the cold water is a fake

  12. senthil kumar Avatar


  13. Zaina Darras Avatar

    what is the first experiment ingredient

  14. Ksenia Skorobogatova Avatar

    Hi, what was the pill in the last experiment?

  15. anushma .j.k Avatar

    I disliked this

  16. anushma .j.k Avatar

    plz say or write very moka

  17. Trent Hamm Avatar

    and this is my teachers acount so yeah…?

  18. Trent Hamm Avatar

    cool ima school student and i love this video im trying to learn SIENCE!!!! ad this video is my favourite sience video

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