8 Easy and Amazing Science Experiments in 2 Minutes

#Tinker with everything! Listed in order of appearance, here’s how to do each experiment and the science behind each one.

Dry Ice Bubble: http://blog.stemscouts.org/tinker-dry-ice-bubble-experiment/
Non-Newtonian Liquid: http://blog.stemscouts.org/tinker-non-newtonian-fluid-experiment/
Water Density: http://blog.stemscouts.org/tinker-water-density-experiment/
Instant Ice: http://blog.stemscouts.org/tinker-instant-ice-experiment/
Rocking Candle: http://blog.stemscouts.org/rocking-candle-experiment/
Leak-Proof Bag: http://blog.stemscouts.org/leak-proof-bag/
Color Changing Milk: http://blog.stemscouts.org/tinker-milk/
Homemade Lava Lamp: http://blog.stemscouts.org/tinker-funky-homemade-lava-lamp-experiment/


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  1. Hi sir .. i like your first experiment it was pretty intresting but it was too fast so i cant understand so you can tell me what you have done and what was the expriment please. …

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