8 Dangerous Chemical Combinations You Shouldn’t Try At Home!

Today David talks about 8 of the most dangerous chemical combinations made from chemicals you might have laying around your home and should not combine under any circumstances!


20 thoughts on “8 Dangerous Chemical Combinations You Shouldn’t Try At Home!

  1. After much tinkering ( MASS KILLING), Zyklon B was used at many of the major concentration camps. More or less an insecticide that made hydrogen cyanide gas. Also I doubt with all the better examples that the Holocaust was the worst example to use in a YouTube video on a subject not related to wwII

  2. Acetaminophen is pronounced–æsətəˈmɪnəfən–the e is long which gives it the e sound. Thanks for the video, some of those I knew and some were an eye opener for me. The worst of it is that I should have known this since I had an RN degree and I minored in Chemistry!

  3. Good info. On a much safer note, if you get bleach on your hands, rinse them with water then rinse them with vinegar ans it will neutralize the remaining bleach without any problems. Then just rinse with water again.

  4. It's hard to address the general public, yet be chemically specific about all details. Your point about making sure we are not combining household chemicals is valid and reasonable.

  5. When I was in basic combat training, a platoon of privates managed to combine a chemical cocktail in their latrine whilst cleaning their toilets. The resulting chemical cloud was strong enough to not only send them to the hospital, it turned their army issue t-shirts pink. Army issue t-shirts are specially made to do that when they are exposed to a chemical warfare attack so you can tell if they are contaminated when you encounter the bodies. The Army would not say what chemicals they combined.

  6. I love how informative this channel is but, at the same time, this information can also be misused for evil purposes. Next on the ban list,household chemicals !

  7. You are in correct. Mixing HCI Hydrocloric acid or the diluted form Muriatic acid creates a hydrate chlorine gas(nasty stuff) and YES it will kill you!. Mustard gas is Ammonia and Chliorine, which render sulfa mustard gas. Mustard gas was not used to kill the Jewish people in the concentration camps. At first they experimented with using carbon monoxide by backing the trucks up to the building and connecting a from the exhaust to the building. Then they use a chemical called Zyklon B. A cyanide gas in pellet form. Zyklon B was formally used a rodent-cide agent.

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