8 amazing SMOKE Experiments & Tricks

Cool Smoke tricks compilation – Awesome Science Experiments for kids to do at home.
Smoke Waterfall, How To Make Smoke Rings, How to do Smoking Fingers Magic Trick, Potassium Permanganate + Hydrogen Peroxide, Liquid Smoke – pouring , Put out a candle with Smoke and more.

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28 responses to “8 amazing SMOKE Experiments & Tricks”

  1. Y.N.G's Biggest fan Avatar

    What would happen if we put the smoke from 1:30 into our mouths would it be harmful or harmless

  2. Igor Lazic Avatar

    jebem te u usta seljacka ne radi nista

  3. manaic gurlz Avatar

    3:56 The paper is peeing smoke

  4. Alexandra Soare Avatar

    What s the name of the sound in background?

  5. Salma Salmaali Avatar

    Uy so amazing guys and nice trick also music

  6. Gwan young Kim Avatar

    2:18 now that's one way to smoke weed

  7. R/T Rudra Technical Avatar

    fantastic but see my videos

  8. Nicholaus Stevens Avatar

    What method do you use to get your smoke???

  9. oo o Avatar

    Nice video, can some1 tell me how to make the bottle at 5.36 like what did he put inside the bottle?

  10. Ahmet ILIKÇI Avatar

    Kanka bak O yapıyom

  11. Raju Alakode Avatar

    one of the best videos i found in youtube

  12. Nelia Bagoyo Avatar

    nice vid how do you know that stuff

  13. Eunae Kim Avatar

    Actually I came for the trick beginning at 5:26.

  14. ANIL RANA Avatar

    Are you. Smoking

  15. sudha devi Avatar

    The smoke gun was osam

  16. Alexi Corrales Avatar

    Quick question How do you get the smoke into the glass

  17. Saibharani Labhala Avatar

    U should mention which is safe which is not .even kids also watch this so give precautions

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