7 DC Motor Projects !!!

7 DC Motor Projects !!!



32 responses to “7 DC Motor Projects !!!”

  1. Rohit kumar Avatar

    Bhai motor mai wheel ke sath jamine par nahi chalti
    Bhaiya ji reply jaruri hai

  2. AK -47 Avatar

    Kis kis ko acha laga like karke batao

  3. Azam Khan Avatar

    Aabe pagal video speed kyu kra hai

  4. Luv Agrawal Avatar

    Foam board kaha par milega

  5. siti Zulaikha Avatar

    Banakau la… babi baik xyah wat video.. lancau tul
    kimak ni mesti indon kan

  6. Rudra More Avatar

    I am also having a YouTube channel named Rudra more. And I also make diy vids, drawing vid,music vid and gaming videos

  7. Rohan Dhanwade Avatar

    waht ya man youare।

  8. Gamepanda 99 Avatar

    Which motor you used in the last one??

  9. m arsal sono Avatar

    you can also use some wood material instead of foam in project no 2 idiot

  10. TROLL KING Avatar

    I like the 1ST project diagram.

  11. Girish Gupta Avatar

    Who like this video like me

  12. Navneet Rai Avatar

    Helicopter uda ke dikhao

  13. Mzamo Gagai Avatar


  14. Vidisha’s Creations Avatar

    The first project is the best

  15. The Beast Avatar


  16. Kiran Rathore Avatar

    Sir you are ginious

  17. Hashir Ali Avatar

    plz make a video how to make a tripod for mobile phone?

  18. Hashir Ali Avatar

    wow its amazing projects

  19. Priyansha Khetan Avatar

    Where to buy ledml8ght

  20. clash of Tube Avatar

    Last video is wast water. I don't like your video

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