5 Water Experiments To Do At Home

5 Water Experiments To Do At Home

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34 responses to “5 Water Experiments To Do At Home”

  1. Ramyaa D Avatar

    awesome …..super and make more video ..it's sooo easy

  2. Ansaf Hussain Avatar

    Tnx For This Video….

  3. Renu Vijay Avatar

    the bag leaks

  4. Haridas Mescom Avatar

    I won prize when I make this experiment

  5. pawan soni Avatar

    i have done some of these experiments at my school

  6. Khan Hameed Avatar

    Not too good everyone knows these tricks

  7. eendra kalyani Avatar

    i have already done these experiments

  8. Wonder and Technology Avatar

    I made these all things, when I was a little Child

  9. Esnard Faudel Avatar

    You are so good

  10. Hemanth.Fun. Tech.Science. Avatar

    All these experiments for children…

  11. America Baires Avatar

    shitty ass quality

  12. Kanav Jain Avatar

    These r all the basic experiment s which we already know
    It doesnt matter if u have a million
    U still have 8k subscriber's

  13. Nabeel Ahmed Avatar

    Good experients thank you so much

  14. M.R. VERMA Avatar

    Can I try it in home

  15. Ibrahim Abid Avatar

    1,103,598 views what a great video!

  16. Siti Fairuz Azizan Avatar

    cool science experiments….

  17. Ajay Banzal Avatar

    1st experiment 6th std me karvate

  18. MR. Lol wizard Avatar

    It's one million in pin point!!!!!

  19. Ilona xoxo Avatar

    Thanks I just got A+ at my test

  20. Aayush PRO Avatar

    Its just way to easy everyone knows that

  21. dranjana Brahmbhatt Avatar

    But why we have to pour water in the container in the first one? Think

  22. Melissa Vanlinn Avatar

    2:24 the bag dripped so it leaked

  23. paru's craft Avatar

    In last video u asked to put food color but u have taken glass paint

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