5 Simple Science Experiments You Can Do At Home

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38 responses to “5 Simple Science Experiments You Can Do At Home”

  1. mohammed aqib Avatar

    Liked it when you did the match Experimant

  2. Boo Peep Avatar

    Wow science got sexy there at the end of the video.
    Your voice is so versatile.
    Why the reaction of the grape in the microwave and all the sparks?

  3. Travis Whitaker Avatar

    That grape thing was NO WAY FUNNY I STILL LIKE

  4. Maria Olvera Avatar


  5. Jeannie Michelle Phillips (Risingthunder) Avatar

    And wouldn't you know it the store closed. I want to try it. Hell I got an extra microwave.

  6. ross Avatar

    this guy is so cool

  7. Jeilys Aponte Avatar

    he is the best at science

  8. MaloGaming Avatar

    does the grape thing mess with my microwave if i try it?

  9. Rami Alnahass Avatar

    1:50 Yeah my mom is DEFINITELY going to let me do that.

  10. oobiedoobs Avatar

    1:25 how to destroy a microwave 101…

  11. Furwa Haider Avatar

    Seriously??? " OMG! I never knew that people could balance things on their fingers, What are the odds??!" And you can't do the grapes thing at home, your microwave might explode

  12. Tia Whitear Avatar

    the grapes were multiplied

  13. Hank O'Brien Avatar

    My mom would freak if she saw me starting fire in our microwave.

  14. Dabasaur Avatar

    I like how he sais water woota

  15. Olivia Sanders Avatar

    no one's going to say grape in the microwave one because if they want to go so perhaps I should but I don't no

  16. Pedram Maelstorm Avatar

    By the way, next time demonstrate us the microwave full of eggs :D

  17. Pedram Maelstorm Avatar

    The grape thing happened to me with frozen mushrooms. but no that extreme

  18. SpirtClaw AJ Avatar

    Exploding grapes…. Who knew?

  19. SkyeSoPorcelain Avatar

    The plasma from the grapes become more effective with some sort of container over it, preferably a glass cup or jar so you can see it bounce around! :D

  20. Masked Gamer Avatar

    1:38 I'm not eating a grape again.

  21. Liza Borda Avatar

    What happend to the coin 2:00

  22. Liza Borda Avatar

    What happend to the coin 2:00

  23. Raju Rani Avatar

    Do any challenge on dry ice

  24. Tommy Zhang Avatar

    your coin experiment did not work :,(

  25. Joe studly Avatar

    You are a dirty Russian Cant

  26. Aluora Peter Avatar


  27. Brookie B Avatar

    pretty sure people have been balancing stuff on their fingers / hands forever.

  28. sleepy8mind Avatar

    you're awesome bro.. I really enjoy.. :)

  29. ANDREA JONESS Avatar

    please explain the grapes in the microwave

  30. Horcrux Gaming Avatar

    1:51 when taras realized he gonna die

  31. Abdul Salam Avatar

    I dont think thath all of these are safety :D

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