5 Science Tricks w/ Explanation

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Last week I posed a video with 5 awesome physics party tricks. This week, Jabril from SEFD came on to help explain the experiments as we test them out for the first time and work through some of the amusing kinks in the process.

SEFD Science https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCQALLeQPoZdZC4JNUboVEUg
My favorite video: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=6cbf5vUKYFg

Shorter version of experiments: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=MGjQf1MDl_4



Help us translate our videos! http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_cs_panel?c=UC7DdEm33SyaTDtWYGO2CwdA&tab=2

Any tricks with matches should be done with parental supervision.

Experiments and materials:

– two forks
– match
– glass

– plate
– glass
– water
– match
– sticky tack

– carbonated water
– tap water
– peanuts
– glass

– wine glass
– wet paper towel
– sticky tack
– match
– olive oil
– plate

– balloon
– wooden stake

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Creator: Dianna Cowern
Editor: Jabril Ashe
Animator: Kyle Norby
Research: Dan Walsh


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45 responses to “5 Science Tricks w/ Explanation”

  1. Geetika Khanna Avatar

    its a good experiment wow

  2. Play Like Basic Avatar

    Finally found what I am looking for. Thanks!!!

  3. Sweta Dharsandiya Avatar

    It is a very good video for learning science with experiments

  4. Urvil Dhanani Avatar

    What you used to hold the matchsticks in the second experiment

  5. Roshea Avatar


  6. Michael Skinner Avatar

    That strip of muscle not only keeps me….in, it also helps balance me

  7. Michael Skinner Avatar

    For people, your stabilization comes from your core. When that is….compromised, you use your back. To compensate, you use what abdominal muscles you have…left. hence, why when I stand, Everything goes flat like a wall because I'm Actively using it to stabilize myself.

    It's why they gave it to me in the first place, and why I first walked/stood at 3

  8. Chad Hurley Avatar

    It’s funny, when I watch Diana’s videos I think of rubbers too !

  9. Madhoolika Cvss Avatar

    Hi physics girl,
    The 1st trick didn't work for me…….

  10. BaCkFiRe Avatar

    did you blew up the balloon ? or you put helium on it? or it doesnt matter?

  11. Aaron Gittelman Avatar

    Peanut truck works better with raisins. More surface area

  12. anderson Smith Avatar

    I was so confused. I thought she said heil not hi all

  13. Exkaliber Avatar

    I thought that was Kendrick Lamar in the thumbnail

  14. Eric Gosselin Avatar

    Great video as always, I love the fact that my 11-year-old daughter has a female role model that shows such enthusiasm for science. As for your rising peanut demonstration; have you ever tried using raisins?  Give it a try some time and see what you think.

  15. Gery S. Avatar

    God damn it, she's so cute!

  16. Sean Taylor Avatar

    How about, filling a glass with water to the rim and putting a beer coaster on top and then turning the glass upside down.  Because the pressure inside the glass is the same as the pressure outside the glass the coaster doesn't fall.

  17. Margarita Kraynova Avatar

    Hi Diana! Have you tried the carbonated water trick with raisins? 😀 There is more surface area to volume in a raisin than a peanut, so I found that to be more effective.

  18. DANG JOS Avatar

    Again, thank you so much for this! You actually explained the match/candle trick with water and a cup correctly, while everyone else explains it wrong

  19. David's Channel Avatar

    Dancing Raisins! Use raisins rather than peanuts. There's a chance to explain some van der Waals forces!

  20. Lucky Jack Avatar

    Raisins work better than peanuts due to their wrinkles ability to trap more bubbles.

  21. Juan Pablo Corsi Avatar

    Its kind of racist you treat him like he doesn't know physics because he is black.

  22. James Mbabaali Avatar

    thats cool plz go on doin ehat you

  23. 빨아SUGA Avatar

    The balloon kebab,the raising waters and fork balancing aren't new to me.we did them in high school tho! anyways thanks for the rest and wish u happy physics day♥♡♥♡

  24. ShiltoCrarpo Avatar

    Hey protip on the peanut experiment, use raisins.

  25. Relativity Avatar

    Could you explain gravity is not a force how it accelerates objects

  26. Yumiko Avatar

    2:54 best experiment best conclusion
    peanuts float

  27. raghav bharadwaj Avatar

    Can we have more black ppl doing science?…Its way more fun…

  28. Clay Eltringham Avatar

    Physics Girl, try sultanas/raisins and (non-watered down) carbonated yummy stuff instead of the peanuts, they grab more surface bubbles because of the wrinkly skin

  29. Matthew Selinger Avatar

    For the balancing forks, I have wet the edge of the glass, then lit the match head. The match will burn except for where it contacts the wet glass leaving just a tiny nub of the match touching the edge of the glass. Takes a little practice.

  30. imp3r1alx Avatar

    uuuhhhh yea… guess that dude isn't that interested in science

  31. Pochita Cheetah Avatar

    Hey! "Try them with the young people?" What about the older? We have fun with this too!!!

  32. The Narcissist Vlogs TyPhi Avatar

    With the peanut one use chocolate chips. I guarantee it will work better. plus you won't have to dilute the soda.

  33. Dank Demolitions Avatar

    6:18 through 7:00 close your eyes 😉

  34. Seddi Avatar

    I tryed this on my best friend with a longer stick and to balloons he screamed

  35. Gangster209Pro Avatar

    the first experiment, its called center of gravity…not mass

  36. Joshua Weightman Avatar

    I usually use needle and tape woth balloons

  37. George Smith Avatar

    Wow, I thought the water raising up into the glass was caused because the lighted match used up all the oxygen in the glass and the air pressure outside forced the water in to replace it and balance the pressure.
    I had no Idea it was down to the heat instead.

  38. Hendrix Avatar

    but i thought with the water cup thing the matches used up oxygen in the cup so the water filled up the empty space

  39. Angel Valdovinos Avatar

    liked then unliked when i found out it's sponsored

  40. simezra Avatar

    close your eyes and click here: 6:02

  41. Bhanu Mittal Avatar

    What's up with bringing out quality videos???? I think you have got a new job …

  42. Kate scott Avatar

    your videos are so addictive cant stop watching#loving it

  43. CohesiveOne Avatar

    Quit thinking so fast (2:25) Just kidding , keep it up. I love hearing your mind work…

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