5 Science Experiments Using Soda Can

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19 responses to “5 Science Experiments Using Soda Can”

  1. XxX DaGamingPig XxX Avatar

    The cup went: yEEt Сука

  2. Kalyn Briley Avatar

    This makes me cry i miss all these videos like this

  3. Sven Mina Avatar

    can you play russian roulet?

  4. Blantisulator Blanston Avatar

    "science experiment" AKA sticking coke can to your head.

  5. Stephen Deinema Avatar

    Unopened beers will also float

  6. Billy C Avatar

    I've used the bottom of a can to cook my heroin in a restaurant washroom

  7. Anthony Salawu Avatar

    how did you do that

  8. Anthony Salawu Avatar

    that's cool and smart

  9. Prem Singh Avatar

    why you arebald

  10. Rv2t3d Avatar

    you can do it wit de kids they will love it

  11. RoseCurry AndDeRozan Avatar

    The sinking cans in the fish tank was cool.

  12. _DerValentin Avatar

    3:03 would you say he NAILED IT

  13. Devin Reyes Avatar

    he was wearing a nailed it shirt

  14. Steve Reed Avatar

    Dude has a grenade on his tool wall

  15. Zayin Qi Avatar

    Why I am spending 5 minutes in my life to watching a Russian guy play with cans?

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