5 Ping Pong Science Experiments You Can Do at Home

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20 responses to “5 Ping Pong Science Experiments You Can Do at Home”

  1. EA Outdoors Avatar

    surface tension

  2. wwe sience Avatar

    hey foolosh people

  3. andre kõiva Avatar

    beer bottle one is just when yoi push it breakz suction but when you flip it it holds the suction

  4. Huntronix V1X Avatar

    4:33 Perfect Spheres dont have corners

  5. zach0012002 Avatar


    …..hey he would do better then any president since the 90's !!!!

  6. Алексей Чирков Avatar

    Хакер, говори по-русски

  7. Maanus Sandhu Avatar

    the 1st one was because of surface tension so there's a shield on the sides so the ball gets sent to the center

  8. Potato 720 Avatar

    The reason why the ping pong ball stays in the bottle when turned the oxygen goes from the top of the bottle to the bottom causing the water to hold the ping pong ball in place also called suction

  9. sinjini mukherjee Avatar

    first experiment: do it in a pond it will not happen

  10. crzy cow Avatar

    let it go let goooo cant hold it back any more

  11. Emre.D Avatar

    Pinball ball?

  12. Richard Mayores Avatar

    Its fluidity and surface tension

  13. jelly _YT Avatar

    noob noob boooo

  14. Cazzasan GB Avatar

    Turn on subtitles and pause at 1:57

  15. AMAZING STATS Avatar

    would this work for different colours of ping pong balls

  16. yow mama Avatar

    2:22 what did u say pin porn

  17. Angelos Del Toro Avatar

    Pimpal is crashd . Gues wot , ets expendeing

  18. Gabe Downs Avatar

    Spheres dont have corners

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