5 Ideal Gas Law Experiments – PV=nRT or PV=NkT

The ideal gas law may at first seem very abstract but it’s surprisingly easy to demonstrate the the various relationships between the elements. This video gives 5 simple experiments that you can do at home or in the classroom that doesn’t require specialized lab equipment.

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5 Ideal Gas Law Experiments – PV=nRT and PV=NkT



12 thoughts on “5 Ideal Gas Law Experiments – PV=nRT or PV=NkT

  1. Really interesting demos! That being said, I'm concerned that you're advocating for some unsafe experimentation practices/prepping for experiments (e.g. with the liquid air, drill). Would strongly encourage adding notes on how to do those set ups safely and putting a note on the video.

  2. Great ideas! While I was aware of most, I never thought to use the duster to cool a balloon, and will definitely be using that next year with Gas Laws. Neat how duster is used similarly in the 10 Cloverfield Lane movie that just came out!

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