5 Fun Physics Phenomena

Five cool physics tricks, but how do they work?
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The Cane Balance:
Slide your fingers in from the ends of a horizontal cane to find its centre of mass.

Shot and Edited by Pierce Cook at the YouTube Space LA.

Music by Amarante: http://bit.ly/VeAmarante



47 responses to “5 Fun Physics Phenomena”

  1. Yoihen Mais Avatar

    I think The reason why tap water deflects is because it is a tap water ie it contains other charged ions

  2. Rio Minjares Avatar

    My guess is that for the cane, the sum of the moments has to be zero for it to balance. Assuming the coefficient is constant along the cane, as you move your fingers closer together, the finger closest to the center of mass has a greater downward force on it than the other finger. Because of frictio, this means that the finger with less force on it slides more easily, keeping the sum of the moments at zero, until finally they meet at the center of mass.

  3. dlyciousmusic Avatar

    You dont know the answers.
    Thats why you did not explain.

    BUT you use CLICKBAIT to sell your STUFF ??

  4. Dennis Wilson Avatar

    Number 3 is due to the minerals IN the water.

  5. Dennis Wilson Avatar

    Number 1 only works until you factor in the friction between your fingers and the cane. Then, all bets are off.

  6. Tung To Avatar

    Cereal has iron in it. That's why it moves with the magnet.

  7. Donavan LoForte Avatar

    Flying teabag—> same effect using rolling papers

  8. Erant Blowig Avatar

    this guy is a true genius.. getting 2 times the views by making two videos.

  9. Scott Ore Avatar

    How about a YouTube video that just tells us at the end

  10. Michael Avatar

    just broke 3 i phones. sorry jb hifi. 🙂
    on the plus side, you were right, and this flip thing with rotation makes it harder to catch.
    Also, i paused the video directly after you said tbag rocket, as i was sure i already knew this one. my girlfriend was not impressed to wake up with my balls in her mouth. there was no rocket phenomenon, but there were a few punches and foul words from her. i tried to explain the science of a tbag rocket, but she saw no humour in it. fyi, she said she will punch you if she sees you in the street. sorry dude. but the tbag rocket was a fail.

  11. Ömer Doğan Avatar

    because cereals have iron in it. and everyone knows it attracts the magnet :/

  12. Bouzsi Avatar

    The cereal is because it's fortified with iron- at least, in the US.

  13. Harold Hart Avatar


  14. Donnie Frank Avatar

    This is old, but I'll reply anyway. The Cane trick is simple. More weight = more friction. Less weight = less friction. Need I say more?

  15. mytube1968 Avatar

    it's whichcraft

  16. Nigina Talbanova Avatar

    What is his name? I forgot it

  17. rowleta Dolor Avatar

    the phone one pisses me off

  18. George Pantelidis Avatar

    What did the sub atomic duck say?


  19. Evan Salmonsen Avatar

    “Number one, have a friend…”
    Well there goes that I don’t have any friends

  20. GreekGaymer Avatar

    the first trick i caused because when you go to the center of mass with your right hand, for example, it tips over and it makes the right side heavier so it has more friction than the left side so the left-hand moves and the right doesn't and then the same thing happens with the left hand and so on until you reach the center of mas

  21. M Lanser Avatar

    Obviously you are smart enough to sense the center of mass, serial has chopped bikes. You are creating a oxigen vacum and the water is being pulled by the van dr waals forces

  22. Andi Tarigan Avatar

    3:49 This is actually one of traditional games in my country. But normally we use an oil paper or newspaper. First we glue every end of corner each other, then we make a little hole at the center by using a needle. Then we blow the paper from the hole until it expands like a pillow. Finally we light every corner of the pillow paper at the same time. It will fly and look like a Japanese fireball ghost in the sky

  23. Anonymous Person Avatar

    #1:The end further from the center of gravity pushes less hard on your hand.
    #2: The air pushes on a greater surface area of the phone. This makes it very unstable.
    #4: cereal has iron in it.
    #5: The tea bag is porous so it holds some of the hot air in the paper. Once it burns down enough, the tea bag is light enough to lift off.

  24. DutchPhysicist Avatar

    Veritasium, The Young Freddy Mercury

  25. Maxime Demarets Avatar

    Le fifth also works with tabacco rolling paper ! x')

  26. Anna Tylla Avatar

    the phone experiment is because of the atmosphere or of the composition of each part of it has different mass

  27. Chilli Extract Avatar

    Cereal is magnetic because of the iron in it I’m guessing?

  28. SuperYura11 Avatar

    Question on @Quora: If a bullet is fired with speed of light, will it pass thru earths core and come out on the other side? https://www.quora.com/If-a-bullet-is-fired-with-speed-of-light-will-it-pass-thru-earths-core-and-come-out-on-the-other-side?ch=3&share=d2a800b7&srid=Omy9

  29. Punyo Milo Avatar

    That's iPhone se

  30. Kanzu999 Avatar

    I'm using crutches at the moment, and only 45 seconds into the video, I can completely confirm the first physics phenomenon.

  31. Nerdling Avatar

    Last one is easy.
    Heat rises
    Bag burns
    Bag flies up once it’s light enough for the heat to lift it.

  32. joe pw Avatar

    1:20 i didnt know it was an iphone

  33. Spenny Howg Avatar

    The minerals in the water under the piece of serial is magnetic

  34. Max Grantz Avatar

    Most cereal is packed with raw iron

  35. Brett_Kendrick Avatar

    I've been able to flip a phone long ways along its intermediate axis without it turning along its other axis.

  36. Arthur B Avatar

    I once nailed the phone flip using my flat hand to flip it stabile on one axis

  37. Akshay Shahare Avatar

    I lov u Ur most handsome physicists ….

  38. Sushil Patil Avatar

    Can you please explain the reasons behind it

  39. That guy named morgoth Avatar

    the cereal thing is because cereal has iron

  40. Leaetta Hyer Avatar


  41. Nate Lav Avatar

    Is the cereal magnetic due to its iron content?

  42. Eleeth Tahgra Avatar

    Number 1 is the normal force and friction. The further the finger from the center of mass, the less Fn it has thus less Fs it has when compared to the closer finger…therefore the further finger will slide while closer finger wont slide. This will happen alternatively between left and right finger until both finger arrive at the center of mass.

    Number 2 is because our hand just cant perfectly execute the flip on the center axis of the phone with the left and right side being balance. And also the different component within the phone might not be uniformly distributed thus causing the left and right having different inertia, thus the difficulty.
    With old type nokia, I like to flip them so that they rotate chaotically and then land perfectly on my open palm. With current smart phone however…

    3 4 5 no idea at all.

  43. Burgo Avatar

    5 million views and almost 5 million subscribers!

  44. Wayne Evans Avatar

    1. You will alway end up at center of gravity because the weight on one side has more friction for your finger to slide… number 3 explain number 4..

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