5 Crazy Science Experiments Compilation

Main channel CrazyRussianHacker – http://www.youtube.com/user/CrazyRussianHacker



28 responses to “5 Crazy Science Experiments Compilation”

  1. IRON KING Avatar

    Is that black thing venom?

  2. Youtube Avatar

    The first one looked like d*ck.haha

  3. metal stormxxx Avatar

    Are you apart of the military

  4. A2theE2 Avatar

    Never cross the streams CRH!!! Ghostbusters said never cross streams. Remember that when your pissing in a urinal

  5. Elean McEwan Avatar

    How crazy is that?

  6. Charlie Hustle Avatar

    I like his experiments but i dnt like how he can never explain how the experiments work

  7. Rajat Kumar Avatar

    He says mamazon instead of amazon

  8. SolarSonny Avatar

    HAaHAHaHAhAHaHahahah, dis 2 much fun, let’s try this again! Bro u just tried it like, once and ur saying dats awesome? There’s somthing in the world called science. It’s science, bro.

  9. Boredd_Devil_oof Avatar

    That last thing looks like those snake fireworks.. That you can get at the store. Is that what it is just bigger?

  10. Joe Spawldin Avatar

    have to remember that laat one when the neighbors irritate me lol.make a few and toss em on their lawn lol

  11. Jeon gguk Avatar

    1:11 * smirks * it's a dddd

  12. Angela Washington Avatar

    It looks like burnt logs. How or where do you dispose of it?

  13. dj supremo Avatar

    What happened to Dennis

  14. Mark Hawkins Avatar

    This guy is so funny, love watching him. Should be on TV.

  15. AM Sam Avatar

    Why am I thinking he has a twin that's just taller than him

  16. Yannis Stamoulis Avatar

    Who else is watching this in 2018?

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