5 Crazy Fire Science Experiments Russian Hackers…

5 Crazy Fire Science Experiments Russian Hackers…



28 responses to “5 Crazy Fire Science Experiments Russian Hackers…”

  1. sparsha ami Avatar


  2. Bill Windsor Avatar

    Awesome job on your videos! And cool beard; keep it!

  3. GTXhunter Avatar

    hes stealing the the videos form crazy Russian hacker

  4. lee miller Avatar

    forget the beard; brush your teeth.

  5. The King Avatar

    shave the beard please

  6. Dennis Cortes Avatar

    do not shave you bead pleazzzzzzz

  7. Dennis Cortes Avatar

    that experiment is a nice and I like it good gob

  8. Kursion Xectron Avatar

    I like your video man boom boooom yes man

  9. Nichols Gove Avatar

    Don't shave the bear

  10. om shinde Avatar

    no re the real russian man is "crazy Russian hacker " <<<—- type this on youtube

  11. machelle lexa Avatar

    No you don't have to shave your beard you look nice.

  12. Anne France Tremege Avatar

    You are the Best!!!!! I work with kids and use your creative, easy, and exciting science experiments all the time. Love your style and accent!

  13. J Skat Avatar

    No do not shave your beard

  14. Tshifhiwa Lishivha Avatar

    i am fan man like your video  

  15. Jordan Lopehandia Avatar

    Shave the beard bro!  And i love the 9 volt cotton ball steel wool thing thats amazing

  16. ella perez Avatar

    you are awsome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. JPrandy21 Avatar

    Don't shave your beard I love it!!!

  18. Washy123 Avatar

    Do 1000 experments

  19. Its Adroit Avatar

    I love these videos 🙂

  20. Karuna Moorthy Avatar

    Man can you make a new video I watch all your video already

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