5 Crazy Fire Science Experiments Part 2

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44 responses to “5 Crazy Fire Science Experiments Part 2”

  1. Conny Lee Avatar

    can someone explain the grapes part of the video?

  2. k1m0s Avatar

    Keep up on the beard

  3. Rekha Iyer Avatar

    He looks cool with the beard.
    And yeah love the experiment of the potassium with glycerine and the last one

  4. Ritu Chandra Avatar

    that grape plasma can ruin your microwave (its fire man what do you expect ?) hope you have it under warrenty 😛

  5. GameMonster [GM] Avatar

    Don't Do ☟= Down Arrow, Do ☝ = Up Arrow

  6. GameMonster [GM] Avatar

    Im Doing The So Called "Grapes"

  7. Motion Avatar

    "Welcome back" on his 1st video lmao

  8. killer gorilla Avatar

    Will my mycrowave be destroyed if I try the grape experiment

  9. Jaad Darwich Avatar

    I'm using one of these in my science fair

  10. Amy Fenhoff Avatar

    and that was awesome

  11. Peter Nguyen Avatar

    How did that grape work

  12. tyrese alkaline Avatar

    The last trick was cool

  13. Mohammadreza Ala Avatar

    Don't shave. You are nice with them

  14. TheColourFulGecko ` Avatar

    Is that grape one safe xD

  15. cammilicchiaspatti Avatar

    never do the first xperiment on a normal plasic bottle, you need a strong kind of plastic

  16. Arianna Smith Avatar

    Leave yor mustang be my boy!!!!!!

  17. jayendra shreyas Avatar

    hi tars kul i liked you experiments and thank you to give some knowledge

  18. David Avatar

    ok ima save some people that are like i used to be in his intro he says safety is number one priority its just had to understand through the accent 

  19. Sasha Ab Avatar

    Don't shave it ,it looks good on you

  20. Cynthia Nunnelley Avatar

    so i have been watching all your older videos catching up with what all you have done, I do like the beard, the drunk one is really funny, i am glad you do not wear the camo jacket in every video anymore. I saw you wink at the end of one of your video's and have not seen you do it again…i liked it, you should do it sometimes just to mix it up. I am glad safety is your number one priority that is important. Is the girl in your videos your girlfriend? she doesn't seem to like to be on camera. 

  21. Dovoteo Avatar

    1st one home made flame thrower

  22. Edrines Chirinos Avatar

    Dont shave it looks great and cool

  23. Corpse Callosum Avatar

    If you watch these videos, the communists win.

  24. Nad Rahy Avatar

    U look like Santa

  25. Nad Rahy Avatar

    U look like Santa

  26. Jake Austin Avatar

    I think your beard looks awesome lol 

  27. alec williams Avatar

    What did he use when he blew the powder on the paper that was lit?

  28. nick santa ana Avatar

    do a dry ice explosion with a big plastic bottle

  29. KidCanDoEveryThing Avatar

    Don't Shave your beard man

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