5 Cool Science experiments you can do at home while lockdown


This video deals with 5 homemade Experiments which everyone can do , while sitting at home and enjoy the beauty of science.

Experiment 1.
orange peel and fire, when u press the orange peel in front of fire , the volume of fire is increased.
Experiment 2.
This Experiment deal with thermodynamics 2nd law. Empty paper cup catches fire very easily but when the same cup has water in it , it does not catch fire .
Experiment 3.
bleach and the fanta. in this bleach liquid is used to decolorise the fanta cold drink into colorless liquid .
Experiment 4
in this Carbon dioxide is release when we mix baking soda and vinegar and the gas released is usee to extinguish fire
Experiment 5.
in the last Experiment
Kmo4 act as self indicator and gets itself decolorise when lemon having citric acid in it added to it.
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