5 Chemistry Science Projects

These are 5 different science fair projects in chemistry which can be done at home are classroom or any were.

5 Chemistry Science Projects :

1. Electrolysis Science Project
2. Balloon Science Project
3. Walking Water Science Experiment
4. Potato Electricity Science Project
5. Eno science project

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14 responses to “5 Chemistry Science Projects”

  1. smart study Avatar

    Panni me Kya dalle ho pahle

  2. smart study Avatar

    Yes sir please tell

  3. Saumya mishra Mishra Avatar

    Sir iska name batadejiye pencil vala

  4. A XI Pranay Verma 34 Avatar

    on second one is there a disttiled water

  5. P Dharshini Avatar

    This organic project?? Plz reply

  6. Megan pynbha khyriem Baridalin khyriem Avatar

    Can anyone tell me why when eno is added baloon starts raising bigger and at the same why when eno is added in the glass the candle suddenly lit it up can anyone tell me plzzz it will be a greatest help for me

  7. Saumya mishra Mishra Avatar

    Sir is project ka name kya hai

  8. Yash Narkar Avatar

    What he has used in first one can anyone tell equipment name

  9. ISHANI GUPTA Avatar

    Thank you so much….. But you should tell the equipments you are using.

  10. GOPA ROY Avatar

    100th like by me , thanks for the vidwo

  11. Bushra Alsamani Avatar

    write the equipment's you are using ,how should we know what equipment's are been used

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