5 Awesome Experiments using Liquid – Cool Tricks You Can Do At Home

5 Amazing Science Experiments and Tricks Using Liquid!
Pepper Trick, Atmospheric Pressure, Fireproof Balloon, Water and Wine, Steam-Powered Vacuum.

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41 responses to “5 Awesome Experiments using Liquid – Cool Tricks You Can Do At Home”

  1. Maria Satti Avatar

    I like your tricks nice work

  2. Laila Elshazly Avatar

    what is the liquid you put on your finger for the black paper trick?

  3. TylerTCBB Avatar

    i tried the last one and the glass bottle exploded in my microwave

  4. Fatima Shaikh Avatar

    very nice experiment

  5. TheFraggle57 Avatar

    1:01 the bible… wasn't lying

  6. lllove u all Avatar

    Hi I really like your videos but I want to ask you if you can explain me what is happening in the atmospheric pressure one

  7. Spider Avatar

    original asf

  8. KCrimson Avatar

    I didn't know wines are lower density than water!

  9. RightAway87 Avatar

    Physics!!! fuckin awesome. thumbs up

  10. Thebroz123 Avatar

    I open this video. It has 666,666 views.

  11. sauparnika vs Avatar

    What did they do in the second one ?? Really confused me. BTW , I loved all the tricks.

  12. Celestial Avatar

    A Glass Bottle In The Microwave?

  13. Cymraeg_ Gaming Avatar

    I think this guy is Jesus.

  14. With Muaz Avatar

    What The 2nd One. Didn't Get It. Whats That Thing In Water.

  15. Hannah Riahaja Avatar

    I already tried first one at the school

  16. Gage HARPER Avatar

    So AWESOME dude

  17. Cymraeg_ Gaming Avatar

    Yeah, so what was used in the second experiment? I know water was used, but what was the other stick-like object?

  18. Crippling Depression Avatar

    The first one I already knew

  19. Rhaegar 's View Avatar

    keep watching these videos, man

  20. dj y.e יוחאי אליהו Avatar

    קטלני יפה מאוד

  21. ibac studio Avatar

    Simply amazing

  22. Like A Boss Entertainment Avatar

    I have done the trick with the salt, soap, and water.

  23. vishaal ganesh Avatar

    how to make that atmospheric pressure

  24. Norse Avatar

    like if you think the song is addicting

  25. odin andre Avatar

    Hehe I dont know if I wanna do that last one at home… Looks like that glass bottle can explode if you do it a little bit wrong…

  26. James Ford Avatar

    in the first one, what's the liquid, dish soap?

  27. hui jaja Avatar

    I also know the last one 🙂

  28. hui jaja Avatar

    I also know the wine and water thing 🙂

  29. hui jaja Avatar

    I all ready know the pepper one

  30. Michelle Tomlinson Avatar

    I sware to god that boodle sneaked

  31. I have no name Avatar

    how did the steam powered vacuum work?? not the steps, how did the experiment work?? plz answer i have a project and i need to know how did it work
    i looked on google and i didn't find!! plz help

  32. Tifanie Vuthy To Avatar

    Is the first one ground pepper?

  33. Luca Fuoco Avatar

    how did the last one work??

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