4 Easy Science Experiments To Try At Home

You SHOULD try these at home.

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37 responses to “4 Easy Science Experiments To Try At Home”

  1. jzae Avatar

    the last one isn't edible, putting dish soap in milk doesn't make it edible.

  2. Olive Anderstein Avatar

    I'm so sick of these flat liners commercials

  3. Fizzy Avatar

    you can buy a glue bottle for a cheaper price than the items you have to buy the items you need to make a glue bottle (confused?)

  4. ArM0r3D_G1ANT Avatar

    This is where a legend happened, perhaps the slime legend.

  5. Sajid Javed Avatar

    mine does not form glue I waste all the products!

  6. Caty Yum Avatar

    Why do all of these have milk?

  7. LifeWithLauren Avatar

    Anyone watching in 2016?

  8. Ashley does loom and more!! Avatar

    can you use the homemade white glue for the slime?

  9. Nova grrl Avatar

    ░░░░ ░░░░░░░▀█▄█▄███▀░░░ ▀█▄█▄███


    can you use almond or soy milk instead of cow milk for the glue cause I'm vegan and Idk where to find some glue I can use

  11. The Boy Gaming Avatar

    this helped for my sicence project

  12. you’re a rockstar Avatar


  13. Zarin Chowdhury Avatar

    I have a question regarding the last experiment and the question is can I use soap water??

  14. Aida Bunao Avatar

    my glue is better just melt cigarette filters by acetone EASY PEASY

  15. Ninja Toe Avatar

    make your own glue…. Boil cornstarch/potato starch/ glutenous flour with water until it thickens, ratio: 2:1

  16. Keith Zahra Avatar

    I put glue in a bottle tap and filled it with glue and left it for 1 day and it is sorta slime like know

  17. Maaria Firdaus Avatar

    what I learned : everything neesome milk

  18. broto bros! Avatar

    can that homade glue be used in the slime?

  19. The Monoat Avatar

    The slime thing, it's popular in thailand

  20. Beanguy 1 Avatar

    Or you could just go out and buy glue

  21. KidzLife Youtuber Avatar

    Can you make slime with the milk glue?

  22. Makainah Gonzales Avatar

    Tbh who has a full bottle of glue, liquid starch, and glow in the dark paint just laying around their house

  23. Muyi ly Avatar

    Is the DIY glue even edible?

  24. Friendshippy - All Sorts of Vids Avatar

    Too scared to turn the lights off dude XD

  25. Pro Brothers Avatar

    Minus the word easy and were good

  26. CesTiger Yee Avatar

    What if I don't own a popular company like, I don't know "BuzzFeed". Kids these days with their fancy, expensive glow in the dark fabric paint.

  27. Denise Bagui Avatar

    how can i make homemade liquid starch?

  28. Vulpix5000 Avatar

    Srsly who would waste milk to make a rock? Just use air dry clay.

  29. Rijshan Canapi Avatar

    we used to do the homemade slime and it didn't work because my sister used too much glue and we used detergents in the phillipines

  30. -adorkable Avatar

    For slime all you need is flour and Ivory Original liquid soap

  31. im a spoon Avatar

    so whats the point

  32. Ansh Kaur Avatar

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  33. Iris The Gymnast Avatar

    For the tie dye milk trick, would soy milk work too?

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