3 World-Changing Biology Experiments

Hank tells us the stories of three experiments in biology that, with creativity and luck, changed science & the world with it in their work to solve the mysteries of the universe.

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References for this episode can be found in the Google document here: http://dft.ba/-1XiO


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  1. This is kinda awesome, but it's funny how we look down on a vital principle of air cause this experiment but it explains literally nothin about where life actually comes from, yea, there are living things in the air, that can be killed but where the fuck did that life come from?

  2. I believed this crap when i was in high school only to realize later in life that it's complete bullshit and wish i had the hindsight to call out the bullsiht.
    -Was the liquid cleared of any bacterial contamination? was it Pure h20.
    -was the container of the liquid cleared of any bacterial contamination?
    -was the flask cleared of any bacterial contamination?
    -were the chemicals cleared of any bacterial contamination?
    -was the experiment done in a clean enclosure chamber?
    -was the air inside the enclosure chamber cleared of any microbial contamination.

  3. It's about time that the Miller Urey 1953 amino acid experiment be finally thrown into the trash can.
    Their entire experiment hinged on the assumption of a reducing atmosphere in the Hadean period.
    A recent 2011 paper by Trail et al has refuted that assumption by studying the oxidation states of Hadean magma melts via cerium levels in zircon crystals. The authors state, "These results suggest that outgassing of Earth’s interior later than 200 Myr into the history of Solar System formation would not have resulted in a reducing atmosphere."

  4. The Miller's experiment had created amino acids but amino acids themselves are translated by RNA coming from the information of DNA. Amino acid could not store and reproduce information; it needs DNA and RNA so the experiment still did not answer on where and how did life first originated.

  5. Ok, I sort of understand why you are mocking the scientists contemporary to Pasteur. But isn't the last experiment just a variation on "Spontaneous Generation" How can you mock the early scientists and not mock the later ones looking for some "Vital Principle" that causes life to arise? Sounds to me like they were just ahead of their time.

  6. He forgot to mention that after the miller-urey experiment, he found both left handed and right handed amino acids in equal portions. Right handed amino acids being toxic to life. Also if you have a container of just left handed amino acids, some of them tend to convert to right handed amino acids, until the balence between L & R handed amino acids are balanced.

  7. when you talked about fact #1, you said that life can't just appear from nothing… THAT IS EVOLUTION!  This is why Evolution is not real, and makes no scene at all.  Fun fact, when the scientists herd of Darwin's theory, they did absolutely no testing to see if it was true, they just said "it's real!", when in all scientific theories NEED to be tested before confirmed as a law.  Also if it IS real, then why is nothing still evolving?  shouldn't there be animals like half bird, and half fish?

    Evolution is freaken dang, heck, suck, screwing crap.

  8. I love how the religious idiots are going crazy like "u don't know the origin of life? It's god u idiot, lol." It really makes me wonder how people can follow things so blindly and be so stupid to just accept such a bullshit answer such as "I do know, therefore GOD DID IT!".

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