3 Amazing Science Experiments That You Can Do At Home – Simple Fair Projects

3 Amazing Science Experiments That You Can Do At Home – chemical reactions .

This video is a compilation of 3 cool science experiments .

Elephant toothpaste , food color with chemical reactions .
Soapy water and gas with fire .
Dancing Raisins Science Experiment

These are really awesome science hacks experiments at home . it’s homemade Science Experiments . you can do this experiments for your science experiments project or science fair projects /science fair ideas.
fast and last experiments – your kids can do easily , science for kids

and these are really amazing science life hacks experiments / compilation ever .

Just do it yourself | diy .

7 Amazing Science Experiments
10 Amazing Science Experiments! Compilation
Super Cool Science Experiments You Can Do At Home
Top 10 Science Experiments – Experiments You Can Do at Home Compilation .

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21 responses to “3 Amazing Science Experiments That You Can Do At Home – Simple Fair Projects”

  1. rakhi patodia Avatar

    I will try this

  2. Double A MineCraft Glitchers Avatar

    How much potassium iodide do you pour?

  3. Sainath Japu Avatar

    Super science experiments

  4. Pakman60 Avatar

    Where can i get potassium iodide? Lol

  5. lieutenant Weedster Avatar

    can someone please explain the soap and fire experiment?

  6. Electrical Gaming Avatar

    Tried it, doesn’t work.

  7. Remo Suguitan Avatar

    At the last experiment, can we use peanuts instead of raisins?

  8. Benedce August Avatar

    Uhmmm excuse me why is this age-restricted for a science experiments video because I'm confused

  9. Kamila Abdumuminova Avatar

    Where am I suppose to get potassium iodide

  10. Tharun Sankar Avatar

    What is the principle of this first experment

  11. Droid Gamer-Tech Avatar

    The 2nd experiment is the one I use to kill a person

  12. Vaibhav Pathak Avatar

    Ohh his hand………

  13. Arvind Arvind Avatar

    It is also nice but how we should fire in our hand our hand will burn naa

  14. Jhay Ar Avatar

    What do you call the last part?

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