Do you know that if you put an egg in vinegar for two days, the shell will dissolve and the egg will become elastic? Under the influence of vinegar, calcium, which makes up the shell, dissolves and disappears in the form of gas bubbles.

Only the film between the shell and the egg remains intact. It turns out funny egg that looks like jelly. The egg increases slightly in size as it is saturated with vinegar. You can play with the egg as a ball. The film is very thin and, therefore, may be torn if handled carelessly. If you experiment with a boiled egg, it will become as elastic as a rubber ball. If you add a highlighter dye to vinegar, you will get a luminous elastic egg.

I will show you how to make a similarity of crystals from sugar syrup and ice cubes. I’ll show you a simple and very beautiful trick with soaring tea bags, we can call it “Rocket Soaring”. When burning air heats up and rises up, forming a stream of hot air. When a bag burns and its weight becomes such that this flow can lift it, the light remnants of an almost burnt bag rise too.

Also look at the trick with a tennis ball and hairdryer, the trick with a candle, the trick with a balancing tin can, and others.


0:55 What is the power of an egg?
2:57 How to break an egg in a fist?
3:20 Sugar crystals DIY
4:30 Teabag rocket
7:27 Spinning candle trick
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